[HCDX]: Nordic DX
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[HCDX]: Nordic DX

Thanks to several here on HCDX for the information on the Nordic DX Site
status, especially to Thorsten Koch for the additional information on the
workings of the 'net and web browsers in general.  Perhaps the "timeout"
problem mentioned for Netscape 4.0 is not limited to that version, or
even that browser - because I use Netscape 3.0, and also experienced the
"NO SUCH ADDRESS" problem using Microsoft's Internet Explorer.  Does
anyone know if perhaps there is a patch available for this anomaly?

Incidentally, we've gone from famine to feast, with ALL 3 URLS for the
Nordic DX Site (swl.sydsvenskan.se, swl.sds.se, and nordicdx.com) all
working simultaneously.  Wow!!


J.D. Stephens

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