[HCDX]: From Radio Cochiguaz, South America
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[HCDX]: From Radio Cochiguaz, South America

8 April 1998

Dear OM,

The following is the planned transmissions of Radio Cochiguaz for this
Easter weekend.

Times are UTC:

Sat 11 Apr, 98.

6980 khz LSB    relaying KIWI RADIO 2045(Fri)-0045 hours.
6950 khz LSB    relaying KIWI RADIO 0100-0200 & 0215-0315 hours.
                These transmissions directly from somewhere in SAm.

Sun 12 Apr, 98.

9955 khz AM     Radio Cochiguaz via WRMI (USA) 0300-0329 hours.

* Only snail mail will be confirmed with a QSL card. Pls include 2 IRCs
  for the postal fees. Thanks.

Contact addr.:

-Kiwi Radio (direct)
 Box 3103
 New Zealand.
 E-mail: kiwiradio@xxxxxxxxxxx

-Radio Cochiguaz (via):
 Casilla 2571
 1000 Buenos Aires
 E-mail: radio.cochiguaz@xxxxxxx      or       rc@xxxxxxxxx


C. Mamani
Radio Cochiguaz

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