[HCDX]: Re: The Mission
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[HCDX]: Re: The Mission

Thanks to some detective work from Auckland DXer Daniel Bloomfield, here
are the verification details for "Sports Roundup" aka "Radio Sports

>   I have just been on the phone to Sports Roundup and here is what I
>   found out.
>   Firstly they are interested in Reports and will reply using prepared
>   cards with return postage.

>   I forgot to ask who to send them to but I got an address and the
>   name of the guy I spoke to was John Bloomfield (pretty funny though
>   about the surname, of course no relation) The address is;
>   PO Box 3526,
>   Auckland

Thanks Daniel!

73s Paul


Paul Ormandy, 33 Greta Street, Oamaru, New Zealand, paulorm@xxxxxxxx

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