[HCDX]: BSKSA foreign programmes
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[HCDX]: BSKSA foreign programmes

Acc. to schedule the foreign programmes of BSKSA between 1.3.-3.5.98 are as

15275	04-06	Turkish
15335	04-05	Somali
21705	10-12	Indonesian

9730	15-16	Turkistani
11765	14-16	Farsi
15345	12-14	Urdu
15345	14-15	Bengali
17760	05-06	Swahili
17775	16-17	Bambara

The first three frequencies are in bigger print on the schedule and no
reason is given for that. I'd imagine that they are from Riyadh with
350/500 kW and the rest come from Jeddah with 50/100 kW. Is anyone able to
confirm this?

73, Mauno
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