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Hi Stefano,

Many thanks for posting the R Barbados QSL details! I am going to send them
to a friend of mine, Mark Nicholls< who has been trying to get a reply from
them for years! In fact, one time he heard them with morning aerobics
session and was even performing the exercises whilst logging them! Mark's a
rather "big" guy - you want to see the chair! :^)
> - River Road - Bridgetown
> 790 kHz - Letter, stickers and folders in 233 dd, 1 USD sent
> v/s David B Ellis - Head of Programming / News & Public Affairs
> e-mail brsladmin@xxxxxxxxxxxx

BTW, are you one of the RSMI guys? I seem to recall your name from them. I
was very pleased to hear RSMI on two freqs in December, 7580 & 11415 I
think - though I am still eagerly awaiting a QSL!

73s Paul


Paul Ormandy, 33 Greta Street, Oamaru, New Zealand, paulorm@xxxxxxxx

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International during "Mailbox", fortnightly broadcasts, Monday 0430z on
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