Re: Re: [HCDX]: Glenn Hauser's SW/DX Report April 2
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Re: Re: [HCDX]: Glenn Hauser's SW/DX Report April 2

Don Moore sez:

>If they do that, we will know who their real market is - the armchair
>reader or the traveler. I can't quite picture some adventuring
>"Lonely Planet" type traveler riding a rickety peasant bus on a
>remote Andean dirt road pulling a laptop out of their backpack to
>look at their Lonely Planet guide on CD-ROM, ;-).

Well this is partially true. The reason I would like Lonely Planet on
CD-ROM is that almost every bizarre location/city I run across in SWL is
nicely described in a "folksy" manner that I enjoy. The CD-ROM just
makes it faster to find stuff. I love the Britannica but it is a bit
more formal and often does not list some of the obscure places LP does.
Being retired I don't have the vast [sic] funds I once did for travel,
so between that and my arthritis don't travel as much as I once did,
except in my armchair :-)

I carry enough junk on trips [night vision devices, binoculars,
telescope, cameras, tripods, GPS, etc.] so a laptop would be a nice
addition to my crippling load. I have heard of some travellers who
attach a magneto power supply to their bicycle so they can use the lap
top as they ride around.

Here is a sample from Britannica '98 CD-ROM for Ujung Pandang:

Formerly MACASSAR, or MAKASAR, kotamadya (municipality) and capital,
Sulawesi Selatan provinsi (province), Celebes, Indonesia. It lies on the
western side of the most southerly peninsula of Celebes.

Already a flourishing port when the Portuguese arrived in the 16th
century, Makasar subsequently came under control of the Dutch, who built
a trading station in 1607 and finally deposed the sultan in 1667. It was
briefly (1946-49) the capital of the Dutch-sponsored state of Indonesia
Timur (East Indonesia). The people, the Makasarese, are a branch of the
Malay people and are closely related to the Buginese.

The main exports from Ujung Pandang are copra, gums and resins, rubber,
coffee, and rattan. The port is also a distribution centre for other
parts of Celebes, the Moluccas, and the Lesser Sunda Islands. There is
an airport, and good roads link the city to the hinterland.

Cultural amenities include Hasanuddin University (founded 1956), the
major university of eastern Indonesia. There are historical exhibits in
the restored Dutch fort that guards the harbour. Nestled in forest-clad
hills to the northeast is a cave with prehistoric art. Also nearby is
the Bantimurung waterfall. Pop. (1980) 709,038; (1990) 913,196.

Copyright 1994-1998 Encyclopaedia Britannica

Tom Roach

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