[HCDX]: Tobago Report
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[HCDX]: Tobago Report

Dear friends,

here is a little report about my holiday in Tobago from March 4-March 21,
1998. It is kept short and reaches you delayed, as my father passed away at
March 31; of course all hobby activities have been interrupted.

QTH: Castara, Tobago
Rx: Sony ICF 2001 D
Ant: built-in antennas


-AM: I concentrated on the Caribbean stations, as I was not interested in
the many dozens of Venezuelan stations.
kHz-ITU-Station-UTC-Overall merit
535 Grenada, GBC Radio, 1630, O=5
555 St. Kitts, ZIZ, 1807, O=3
560 Jamaica, JBC Kingston, 2000, O=2
590 Dominica, DBS, 1430, O=3-4
610 Trinidad, NBS Radio, 1500, O=4
620 Antigua, ABS Radio , 0203 s/off, O=3
640 Guadeloupe, RFO, 1404, O=4
660 St. Lucia, R. St. Lucia, 1500, O=4
705 St. Vincent, NBC St. Vincent,
730 Trinidad, R., Trinidad, 1535 O=4
740 Dominica, ZGBC, ID: "VOL Radio", Slogan "Caribbean Voice of Life",
1811, O=5
780 Virgin Isl. (Br.), ZRVI, 1635, O=2
790 Barbados, Vo Barbados, 1804, O=5
830 St. Kitts, R. Paradise, 1800, O=3
840 St. Lucia, R. Caribbean Int., 1555, O=5
900 Barbados, CBC R. 900, 1700, O=4
1310 Martinique, RFO , 1839, O=2-3
1400 Grenada, Harbour Light, 1630, O=4

-Tropical Bands: Reception was worse than expected. At sunset only
Venezuelan stations and R. Rebelde on 5025 were audible with O=2-3, 1 hour
later the following stations came in:
3215 USA, WWCR
3300 Guatemala, R. Cultural
4830 Venezuela, R. Tachira
4840.3 Venezuela, R. Valera
4915 Brazil, R. Difusora and R. Anhanguaera
4940 Russia and Tajikistan (t)
4980 Venezuela, Ecos del Torbes
5015 Brazil, R. Pioneira and R. Brasil Tropical
5025 Cuba, R. Rebelde
5030 Costa Rica, AWR Cahuita
5070 USA, WWCR
5076,8 Colombia, Caracol

So Tobago does not seem to be a good place for rare stations; signal levels
of the stations mentioned above were not much better than from Germany,
with the exception of R. Cultural with a solid S 4.

-Shortwave: The lowest receivable frequencies during daytime were 9540 (RN
de VEN, S=2),and 9640 kHz (Ecos del Torbes, S 2); during nightime the
situation was not very different to Germany, so a separate log would be of
little interest.

90.5 R. 90.5 FM
91.1 R. ICN
93.5 Gem Radio; Slogan "The Caribbean radio station"
95.1 Rhythm Radio 95.1 FM
96.1 Energy Radio 96.1 WEFM
97.1 Music R. 97 FM
98.9 Yes FM
100.0 R. ICN
102.1 Power 102 FM
103.1 103 FM Stereo
105.5 105 FM
106.1 R. 106 FM

BARBADOS Vo Barbados (790): David B. Ellis, Head of Programming/News and
Public Affairs. Verified by det. letter after 2 weeks. Obviously he knows
about the hobby, as he wished "many more successful opportunities in DX-ing
signals", although I never use this term in my reports.
Power: 20 kW
Fax: (246)429-8093
email: brsladmin@xxxxxxxxxxxx; and also: fccnews@xxxxxxxxxxxx

I brought lots of tape recordings with me which will be available via
Internet in some weeks. Travel information with recommendations for Jamaica
and Tobago can be given via email on request.


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