Re: [HCDX]: Possible new transmitter in Malaysia or Singapore
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Re: [HCDX]: Possible new transmitter in Malaysia or Singapore

>Date: 5 April 1998
>RF; 4769.987 kHz
>TOI: 1407Z
>Believe this signal is Indonesian or Malaysian due to sound of language,
>propagation conditions, etc. Female heard in undetermined language. She
>seemed to be reading a list and many of the words sounded the same.
>Signal strength measured at minus 81 dBm. At 1425Z signal apparently
>disappeared suddenly. I can find no likely candidates in WRTVH '98,
>Passport '98, or Klingenfuss '98 CD-ROM. Any ideas?

A feeder of R. Pyongyang is listed on this frequency with irregular
operation, last mentioned in DX-Window 87 in 11/97.
Schedule: irr ?-1o24, 12oo-13oo, 14oo-15oo, r 22oo Kor., // 587o

This info is taken from the Tropical Band List TBL.


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