[HCDX]: Re:unid please help!
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[HCDX]: Re:unid please help!

I heard in late february on 1566  khz an anti-Saddam (not pro) 
station identifying as Huna Iraq, Sawt a l' quwat al Musallah ..  
(Voice of Brave Armed Forces). On 1575 I heard  station 
identifying as Huna al Mustaqbal, idhaat al' wifaq al watani al Iraq 
(The Future).  Both stations belong to Iraqi National Accord (Wifaq 
al Watani al Iraq) organisation and I guess they can broadcast on 
both frequencies. The address is:   P.O. Box 3124, London SW19 1RL, 
UK. Haven't seen any replies.  More info from: 

Jyrki Hytonen, Kannus, Finland


>Last night I heard a clandestine(?) on 1566 kHz with pro-Saddam
>programming and ids as  "Huna al-Iraq", my question is now what
>station could this be? and is any address known? The time I heard it
>was 2216-2300 UTC

>Patrik Willfor
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