Re: [HCDX]: Possible new transmitter in Malaysia or Singapore
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Re: [HCDX]: Possible new transmitter in Malaysia or Singapore

At 1:22 +0900 4/13/98, Willi Passmann wrote:
>>Date: 5 April 1998
>>RF; 4769.987 kHz
>>TOI: 1407Z
>A feeder of R. Pyongyang is listed on this frequency with irregular
>operation, last mentioned in DX-Window 87 in 11/97.
>Schedule: irr ?-1o24, 12oo-13oo, 14oo-15oo, r 22oo Kor., // 587o
>This info is taken from the Tropical Band List TBL.

I didn't know there was a mention of this frequency in DX-Window, but it is
NOT a Radio Pyongyang feeder. It is North Korea's random number
transmission for its spies in South Korea and Japan, //5870 at all times.
Random number transmissions are heard irregularly at the above and other
times. The station has no name, but transmissions begin with the same IS as
Radio Pyongyang.

In any case, random numbers in Korean do not sound like normal speech in
any language. It is highly unlikely that Pyongyang was mistaken for

North Korean random number transmissions are also part of regular
programing on Pyongyang Broadcasting Station, typically from 1500 almost


Sonny M. Ashimori   <sonny@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Yaesu FRG-7700 + 40m Dipole   QTH Kobe Japan 43.34N/135.20E
DXing North Korea

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