[HCDX]: logs again from Retziki
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[HCDX]: logs again from Retziki

New logs made  in the montainous place of Retziki 6 km far from Thesaloniki 

first time  logs : 
BRAZIL 4985 R Brazil 2125- ,11-4, with clearly brazil type  songs palyed by 
guitar type 60s .Small refs between the songs 23222 Liangas  Greece 

S LANNKA 4902 SLBC 2120+ 36+ 54 + 22 11-4 w OM praying  continuously NO other  
heard excdept prays. for more than 1 and more hour 34433 station has noit been 
heard nexrt day  Liangas  Greece 

TAILAND 4830 R tailand 2200 11-4 with PM and YL speaking  too much in tai , 
small  usic gaps  with xylophone music at 2205 Before  2159 blocked  by unknown 
stn with  synth music a gong and a closeout in EG . 24332 for 11 and 12 -4

MALI RN MAlienne  these days  the transmitters of 4835 and 4785  have been 

SPORE 7245 SBC Warna 1508  was booming on 11-4 at 34433  with many refs from 
the speaker on Melacca At 1518 at 44444 Good also musics  Liangas  Greece 

ANDAMAN  ISL's 4760 AIR POrt Blair 1600 11 hindin shitar  palys 33423 :QRMed  
by CW  carrier  QRming another station  Liangas  Greece 

unknown , 4760 , 1630 , 11 , OM and YL  speaking in PP or nearby lanugage  with 
program seeming to religious No ID found however 33333  Liangas  Greece  

UK 5850 Sunrise R 1410 11 hindi songs , 33433   signal  seems not to 
appeear  in my main house inside  Thessaloniki  same sitgnal fopr enxt 
day and abt 43433 for  nights UTC Liangas  Greece 

cland 6270 ,1605 ,11, " .... MUjahedin Iran" with ID "sadaye Mujahedeen Iran at 
1605 , hymns , cymbals then with comments by YL Fair to goood at 1645  Liangas  Greece 

ANGOLA 4950 RN ANgola 1830 ,11, OM speaking with fotball style 24232  Liangas  Greece 

PERU 6725  R satelitte !!!0011 , 13 OM speaking in SP . 0029 with ID , 24232  Liangas  Greece 

CUBA 5025 R rebelde  (t) 0100 LV de Cuba was the ID inside the plaued songs 
32333  Liangas  Greece 

NETH 1008 R Belth 2203 2203  ID many times  of this  nems 34333 Liangas  Greece 

?? 6220 "radio Quebec" was  the nearby ID of an unknown  station on 2308 /12.3 
with mostly rock music and many refs from the speaker . many times  gave 
diferent tel nrs 24232 with  signal fading  for abt 1 minute but came to zero  
and max S3 

greek pirate 4950 , 2216 with old songs  and many dedications prior to any ongs 
by the station owner who did not give any ID or tel nr . Treid on MW  but did 
not catch parallel 
"  'addicted' AM-HCDXers never listen to FMSS!"
Good HCDX is also listening to 1xxx1 stations 
Zacharias Liangas
pen-DX sejak 72
anggota World-DX-Club 2104,Play DX, DSWCI #3507(temporarily out) 
http://www.compulink.gr/Users/zliangas  SHORTED !
http://www.clandjop.com/~jcruzan/greek-p.html  (mirrored for greek pirate radio )
http://www.geocities.com/hollywood/lot/2638   NEW NEW 
pesawat penerima : Lowe HF 150 , SONY IFC 7600 D , Philips 2935 antena 6 m & 11 m 
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