[HCDX]: IRCA AM DX NewsFlash - 4/23/98
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[HCDX]: IRCA AM DX NewsFlash - 4/23/98

         WELCOME TO IRCA's AM-DX NEWSFLASH   -  April 23 1998
                           Vol 4  No 4


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CONVENTION - MEETING INFO (corrections/additions welcome)

Thanks to those that noticed that I goofed here last time... I was
using last  year's IRCA convention announcements as a guide... and I
just forgot to delete it!!

WTFDA '98: Rock City in Southwestern New York State on July 31, August
1 & 2.  Host: Dave Nieman.  Co-Host: Greg Coniglio
FOR DETAILS:  e-mail  dxfmtv@xxxxxxxxxxx
              or write Dave Nieman at
              12284 Nice Road, Akron, NY 14001-9408

NOTE:  Although the primary area of interest is TV and FM DXing, most
of our members are also AM dxers and AM-related conversations are
always part of the makeup of our conventions.

IRCA:  This is a brief note to let you know the 1998 IRCA Convention
will be held here in Missoula, Montana the weekend of August 14-15-16.
Every BCB DXer, whether an IRCA member or not, is cordially invited to
attend and to bring the family.
    Air service to Missoula is provided by these airlines: Delta,
Northwest, Horizon, Big Sky, and Sky West.  While you're in the area,
you might want to tour nearby Glacier National Park.
    Soon I'll prepare a more detailed announcement, including the name
of the host motel with reservations info; a tentative schedule of
events; and the amount of the modest registration fee.

Larry Godwin, 2390 Clydes Dale Lane, Missoula, MT 59804, USA.
E-mail: lbg@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


 CPC DX tests summary


Bill Hale - 6124 Roaring Springs Dr, N Richland Hills TX  76180-5552

Bill has volunteered to be the CPC chairman for the NRC.  Right now
Bill is looking for target station lists and stamps or money to help
get the lists worked on.

Lynn Hollerman - gmholler@xxxxxxxxxx

JD Stephens - Madison AL - jdstephens@xxxxxxxx

Today, I was contacted via E-mail by Mr. Hue Beavers - Chief Engineer
for KDSX-1700 - offering to run a DX test from a new expanded band
station. Here are the details:

** Saturday, May 2, 1998:  KDSX-1700,  Denison/Sherman, Texas will test
on Saturday May 2nd, between 1800 and 2359 hours CDT (2300 - 0459 UTC)
using voice modulation with code ID's where possible. Station will be
operating into .48 wavelength vertical w/ approx 1 kW power. Tapes are
welcome. Any correspondance should be addressed to: Mr. Hue Beavers -
Chief Engineer c/o, KLIF, 3500 Maple Ave. #1600, Dallas, TX 75219.
Reception reports will be verified by letter. NOTE: Return postage
appreciated. E-mail: hbeavers@xxxxxxxxxxxx

PLEASE NOTE: Even if you don't hear a test, be sure and drop a card,
letter, or e-mail to the station personnel, thanking them for going to
the trouble to run a test!

Also, if you hear a test, PLEASE, PLEASE let me know, via e-mail or the
newsgroup! And, if you send a reception report to a station, please
remember to include return postage with your report...





YES!!!  The book is being printed... expected to be shipped in April.
I can get the $44.95 discount ONLY until May 31 1998... thereafter my
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Directory contains a complete listing of over 15,000 radio stations
(AM/FM, US/Canada) including the following information:  facilities,
ownership, formats, LMAs, station personnel, phone numbers (and FAX),
addresses, ratings, as well as information on almost 400 radio markets
in the US and Canada.  Stations are listed by location (complete info),
frequency (frequency, call, location, power and pattern) and call
(call, frequency, location) and market (frequency, call, location,
rating, format).  It also includes a former call reference (old call,
location and current call).  Major network information (addresses/phone
numbers/etc) and several interesting radio articles are included as

Europe - add $5.00 for surface, $19.20 for airmail delivery.
Australia/New Zealand - add $5.00 for surface, $27.25 for airmail

IRCA Bookstore, 9705 Mary NW, Seattle WA  98117-2334
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Pat Martin - Seaside OR - mwdxer@xxxxxxxxx

Is anyone hearing a new TIS (apparently) on 1630 Khz giving information
on a ????? Valley, Highway Advisory Radio operated by the Department of
Transporatation. Mentioned Route 22, a Web Site (www.???)  Also a phone
number given. Calling itself "1630 AM, Highway Advisory Radio" Not hrd
on loop or other wires (Only the Eastern Beverage). Any ideas? (Mans
voice). Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks for your help in IDing the UNID TIS on 1630. Several of you have
sent me E Mails. The station is The Pennsylvania Department of
Transportation (Pen-Dot) at Allentown. Much appreciated. Thanks.

1630 KHZ-TIS- PA, Allentown, rec. HAR station at 0330 EDT 4/20, with
ment. of Route 22. Phoned Penn-Dot today to confirm. Reports can be
sent to:
Tricia Charlesworth
Pennsylvania Dept. of Transporatation
1713 Lehigh Street
Allentown  PA  18103
Thx to Larry Russell and John Reiger for the help in IDing this.

Drake R8, term. 1500' East Beverage


Pat Martin - Seaside OR - mwdxer@xxxxxxxxx

UNID Pine Bluff AR-1685 Khz
Is anyone hearing the Pine Bluff AR station hrd again at 0500 EDT 4/20
with Black Gospel pgming? I still don't know which station, but I think
it may be 1590 Khz back on. Can anyone hear 1590 to check on that? Any
help would be appreciated.


Kent Winrich - kwin@xxxxxxxxxx

I stopped by the the transmitter site of WTDY-1670 in Madison, WI.  I
talked to an engineer installing the transmitter for the 1670
allocation.  The transmitter is installed, and they are running the 1
1/4" coax line to the tower they will be using.

He said that they will begin to test and tune the transmitter starting
next week (April 27).  They will be using open carriers, and 400 Hz

More information can be had at http://www.execpc.com/~kwin/radio.html




TELEPHONE NUMBER:  204-253-8644
E-MAIL:  saxelrod@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


1610  UNID TX ??? 04/18 0650 Poor signals with weather reports repeated
       for Austin, San Antonio and College Station.  Mention of ---
       International airport .  Anyone know who this is??  (SA-MB)
1685.3/4  ??KYDE  AR  Pine Bluff 04/22 2338 In with fair signals and a
       big het with music.  They must have one messed up transmitter or
       antenna.  I thought it was the het for the Colombian at first
       until it was off freq.  (SA-MB)


1370  KUND  ND  Grand Forks  04-17  1800  Heard back on the air after
       one year of being dark. World Cafe music program and ID
       as"Broadcasting from the campus of  University Of North Dakota
       this is KUND 89.3 FM 13-70 AM and KFJM 90.7 Grand Forks". NEW
       callsign Heard first time today. May have come on today to mark
       the first anniversary of the 1977 flood.

One new one in the way of a TIS once I find out who this is.  I think
it is Austin TX as that seemed to be the area it concentrated on during
the weather.

My 1685.3 may not be as posted..Jeff Kadet in IL heard KDDA 1560 on
1685.38! The ID I had was for Pine Bluff but was the FM. This is now
ify at best.


Mark Mohrmann - Coventry, Vt. - mohrmannm@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

UNID 1640 French language station 0138 Apr 18, LA/Carrib/Afro type
      dance music. French announcer with ID at 0149. My knowledge of
      French is almost non-existant but this is what I was able to
      devine, "Radio (Metroto'?) 1640 (or 640?) AM stereo...Marape'n
      (place name?)...nouvelle radio..." This one has been in here for
      a week or so. My first thought was that it was a spur from a
      nearby Quebec BCB station across the border, but the "nouvelle
      radio" phrase that I heard tonight makes me think it may be
      something new. Mixing with TIS stations which I was able to null
      with the MFJ-1026. (what a wonderful new toy it is.) (Mohrmann
UNID 1640 French language station 2349 Apr 18 again this evening with
      more LA/Carib/Afro dance music. 0950 Apr 19 with soft French and
      English ballads. No ads, no time checks noted, all announcements
      apparently canned. No carrier now at mid-day so they either are
      not local or they are not on at the moment. (Mohrmann VT)
USA 1640 French language station, According to detective work done by
      BADX and Numero Uno folks in the Boston, Ma. area this station is
      most likely a Haitian Community Broadcaster operating somewhere
      near Dorchester, Ma. IDing as "R. Haitienne" and "R. Liberte".
      (Mohrmann VT)


Albert Lehr - ALehr@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Frequency Measurements on 1620 kHz
Albert Lehr - Livermore, CA - alehr@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Allied A-2515 receiver
Homebrew external synchro detector
HeathKit IM-4100 frequency counter with homebrew external timebase
  generator, phase-locked to WWVB - 60 kHz
4-foot spiral loop

Here is what 1620 looked like this morning 04/23/98 with my
  frequency measurement system:

1619.970v  WTIH303 Burbank, CA weak at 0346 PDT.  Drifts a lot.
1619.9996  TIS Santa Ana, CA in the mix at 0333.
1620.0005  WPHG Atmore, AL fair 0313 with relig. music and talk,
            good 0330 with news by John Scott.
1620.0107  KYIZ Renton, WA good 0317 with ID, soul music.
1620.0245  WGJ634 Milpitas, CA 0319.  Good day and night,
            sometimes overridden by KYIZ.

There was a brief period of activity in Precision Frequency Measurement
back in the 1970s.  The method used was a bit tedious, so I think that
most DXers lost interest.  With synchronous detection, a single
conversion receiver, and some digital timing and gating circuitry, the
process can be automated.  Is anyone else still doing PFMs?
   73, Al Lehr


JD Stephens - Madison AL - jdstephens@xxxxxxxx

1685  KDDA, Dumas, Arkansas.  4-23, 7:37 - 8:00 PM CDT (0037-0100 UTC).
       This spur is blasting in with exceptionally clear audio and
       strong signal tonight.  Although at first it was thought that
       this was the 1590 station in Pine Bluff, KYDE, it isn't, as I
       heard a clear dual ID at the top of the hour of "KDDA-AM 1560,
       Dumas and KZYP-FM 99.3 Pine Bluff".  Fromat is Urban
       Contemporary, with a simulcast of the FM station.
1670/1650  WQO504.  Baton Rouge Highway Advisory Radio, Baton Rouge,
       Louisiana.  On 1670, in almost as strong as the DFW Airport TIS
       stations, and weaker on 1650.  Talk about Interstate
       construction, Baton Rouge area attractions, LSU, mentioned
       operated by Louisiana Department of Transportation and
       Development & Baton ROuge Visitors Bureau.  Never noted this
       before - is this new?




Bryan Clark, Auckland, New Zealand - clarkb@xxxxxxxxxxxx

The following news item may not be news at your end, but was news to
me, even though I do sight both "DX Monitor" and "DX News".  It is also
a DX curiosity here in the South Pacific by virtue of the reception

There has been a frequency swap in Portland Oregon.  KFXX 1520 with its
sports format has moved to 910, and KKSN is now on 1520, identifying as
"Sunny 15-20".  The legal id on the hour, just prior to NBC News is
"This is Sunny 15-20, KKSN-AM, Oregon City-Portland, the Memory

Now, I haven't actually heard this on 1520 AM, but on 25950khz in the
11 metre band shortwave.  For a number of years KKFX-AM, this last
summer (December-February) KNRK-FM and now KKSN-AM have been heard
relayed on 25950kHz during our summer months during daylight hours.
One day last week I monitored KKSN-AM from 1900 UTC right through our
day to past 0300 UTC.  A reception report being prepared by my previous
emails to KTRK-FM went unanswered!

Have also heard KGIL 1650 this past week but not enough verifiable
detail for a reception report as yet.


Larry Van Horn - steditor@xxxxxxxxx

A Legend Passes Away

I have the sad duty to report that a legend in our radio hobby passed
away last week. Henry Scofield Holbrook or "Hank" as he was known to
his friends, died of leukemia on April 15 at the age of 69 in the
Washington Hospital Center. He lived in Tracy's Landing, MD.

Hank was an avid DXers (all band) and chased after wallpaper like no
other in our hobby. He DXed it all and collected QSLs from everything
he heard. Draw bridges, ships, broadcasters, TISs, toll booths, et al.
If Hank could hear it he would QSL it.

I grew up in this hobby watching Hank do his thing. He supported clubs,
commercial magazines and other organizations with his information and
insight. As a MT columnist I use to look forward to Hank's monthly
contributions. It always gave me a new idea or two and some new DX
targets to go after. Hank was more than a contributor for me. He
educated and directed me in my hobby pursuits. But more than that, Hank
was a good firend to me and this hobby.

Hank old friend, Gayle and I will miss you. I'm sure that Mary Ellen
will miss keeping your logbook on trips. But you are in a far better
place where the DX is always in and your QSLs never get lost in the

Please take a second or two today to remember a great DX'er. To Mary
Ellen his wife, and Melanie and Martha his daughters, we send along our
deepest sympathy from the entire MT/ST/Grove family. Also Gayle and I
send along our personal regards. We both had a close working
relationship with Hank that had developed over many years of personal
and regular correspondence.

If I get any more details, I will certainly pass it along. I want to
thank MT reader Dave Eason for passing along the heads up to Gayle and
faxing Hank's Washington Post obit to the office.


SHAWN AXELROD - saxelrod@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

I have added to my message board at:


with a home page with links to Canadian DX sites. It is at:


If you have any sites to add to it please email with them so I can add
them. I am looking for DX sites as well as home pages of radio sales
outlets across Canada. All contributions will be greatly appreciated.


Paul Ormandy - paulorm@xxxxxxxx

It's been about a year since the last updater I published, so here goes
with the latest:

All taken from Bryan Clark's "Broadcast DX" pages in the NZRDXL's "DX

 693  New narrowcast operation approved for Tully, Queensland. (Robert
       Copeman, DXC)
 801  New narrowcast operation approved for Innisfail, Queensland.
       (Robert Copeman, DXC)
 945  New narrowcast operation approved for Bendigo, Victoria. (Ian
1071  3CV Maryborough, uses 5kW from transmitter site at Carisbrook.
       (Ian Stanley)
1116  3AB (ex-3BM) slogan "Radio Ethnos", has Greek programming. QTH:
       480 High Street, Northcote, Victoria 3070. Send PPC and SASE for
       reply. (John Wright)
1611  6GS Wagin, Western Australia running 400 watts with Country mx
       format. (Chris Martin)
1629  Greek Radio, Melbourne, here // 1665. Uses the facilities of what
       was formerly known as Footscray Community Radio. (David Clark
1701  Radio 1701, Brisbane, new with ethnic programming (hrd with
       Hindi). V/s Jack Puran, QTH: 5 Cheviot Place, Sinnamon Park,
       Queensland, 4073. (Ray Crawford)

Join me for the latest tuning tips for the South Pacific on Radio New
Zealand International during "Mailbox", fortnightly broadcasts, Monday
0430z on 17675kHz and 1130z on 9795kHz (6100kHz from May 3rd), repeated
the following Thursday 0830z on 9795kHz (6100kHz from May 3rd) and
Friday at 1930z on 11735kHz (9875kHz from May 3rd).

Next Broadcasts: Starting Mondays, April 27th, May 11th and 25th,
repeated on following days as above.

And on AWR's "Wavescan" commencing the third Sunday of the month (see
www.awr.org for frequency schedule), repeated at 0700z on ZLXA Print
Disabled Radio the first Monday of the month, on 1602kHz, 3935kHz and
5960kHz alternate 7290kHz.


Pat Martin - Seaside OR - mwdxer@xxxxxxxxx


1350-CBKY-B.C. Keremeos. rec. QSL card from CBC Vancouver for another
      high power LPRT, running 400 watts. Rec in 10d from: Dave
      Newbury-CE. Address: CBC-P.O. Box 4600-Vancouver BC  V6B 4A2. MW
      QSL #2979. (PM-OR)


Robert Wien - San Jose CA - robert.wien@xxxxxxxx

OK, I called KKSL-1290 and got the full story.  It turns out they've
been off the whole week, but they haven't been actually 'off', they've
been running their signal into a dummy load testing out the xmtr and
things seem to be checking out.  They hope to come on the air
permanently by the middle of next week (about 4/29).  They will be
10000/1000 ND, and will be 24 hr. NSP, and 1290 will not go away, they
will be simulcasting each other for a while.  Also, 1290 calls will
remain KKSL, 1640 will be KKJY, so that eliminates the confusion on
that part as well.

I also called 630 Reno, Nevada and got the scoop on that one, turns out
the application for the call change to KPTT (swap calls with 1450) is
still pending at the FCC, but they hope to have it granted soon.  In
the meantime, 630 has borrowed 1450's slogan and is using that for now
'priming' people before they actually change calls to KPTT.  The lady
told me "it may be a week, or it may be 3 months, you know how the FCC
is...".  No kidding...



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    phil bytheway - Seattle WA - philip_bytheway@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Tabulated from WWV at ~0518 GMT nightly

    Geomagnetic Summary April 17 1998 through April 23 1998

       GEO - Geomagnetic activity     pca - polar cap absorption
       maf - major flare              SA  - Solar Activity
       mas - major storm              spe - satellite proton event
       mis - minor storm              ss  - severe storm

    Date    FLUX    A    K    SA          GEO                 OTHER

     4/17   101    13    1    very low    quiet-active        -
       18    99     6    0    very low    quiet-unsettled     -
       19    96     2    0    very low    quiet               -
       20    98     9    2    moderate    quiet-active        -
       21    92     7    3    very low    quiet-unsettled     spe 1400
       22    88     7    1    very low    quiet-unsettled     spe
     4/23    90    10    5    high        quiet-mis           spe


If you note any AM changes (call, format, slogan, etc), please send
them to the NRC Log coordinator (Wayne Heinen) @ nrclog@xxxxxxx


END of 4/23/98 IRCA's "AM DX NewsFlash"
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