[HCDX]: recent DX & other info.
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[HCDX]: recent DX & other info.

Summary of MW DX (25/26 April 1998) by Mark Connelly - WA1ION
... and a few other comments

Full-detail loggings will be issued in about 2 weeks (with some
later logs added in).

This past weekend (25/26 APR) had slightly auroral conditions
in the early evening with a drift to more normal DX as it
got later.  

First a very brief session from Harwich, MA just using a Quantum
Loop - 25 APR 1998 / 0230-0310 UTC: TA's - Spain on a number of 
channels, not interesting enough to take details.  Pan-Am's -
unID-778 het & bits SS, Venezuela YVLL-670, Cuba-660, Cuba-640,
unID carrier - 633.5, Cuba-619.5 (nominal 620) w/ awful FM / AC
buzz, Cuba-600, Cuba-540, Jamaica(t)-550 mix YV & Cuba, Cuba-570

Saturday afternoon from the car at a beach site in Duxbury, MA
(with phased loop - whip cardioid array) - 25 APR 1998 / 
2255-2359 UTC: a few bits of the Boston Haitian-culture pirate
on 1640, Mauritania-1349 first audible TA at 2255, Algeria (or
is it really W. Sahara ?) - 1550, Morocco-1044, Lesotho-1197, 
Senegal-765, Morocco-612

Duxbury (continued) - 26 APR 1998 / 0000-0102 UTC: Brazil-760
beautiful ID "Radio Record en Fortaleza" LOUD !, duelling
Brazilians on 860 (Cidade-Fortaleza & CBN-Rio), R. Coro 
Venezuela - 780 nice ID, Spain-774, Venezuela (Mundial) - 880 
destroying WCBS, Canaries-882, Algeria o/ other - 891, 
Canaries-837 & Azores 836 het, Venezuela-750 o/ possible Brazil 
& a 747 het from Canaries & Burkina Faso, Western Sahara - 711.05 
& Libya - 711.0 creating 50 Hz het, Spain-1215, Libya-1251, 
Bermuda-1280 religion, St. Pierre-1375, Spain-1296 loud !, 
Algeria-1422, Spain-1485, Anguilla-1505, unID-1520.2 & also a 
1521 het pres. SER Spain, Spain-1575, Spain-1602 (Vitoria o/ SER), 
Spain-1152, Spain-1143, Spain-1134, Spain-1116, Spain-1107, 
Spain-1098, UK-1089, Spain o/others-1053, Spain-1044, Spain-1017, 
Brazil (Povo)(t) u/ WINS-1010, Spain-999, Portugal-963, Spain-954, 
Spain-936, Spain-855, Spain o/other-864, Italy & tentative 
South Africa-846, Spain-801, 760 still had Fortaleza (atop YV & HJ) 
at 0059 UTC, Spain-639, Canaries-621, St. Kitts Nevis-555, 

In all not a bad session for this late in the DX season.  The
next 4 months should focus MW DXers' sights on stations near,
and across, the equator.
I have some backed-up individual E-mail responses that I'll try
to send out in the next few days.

An April 1998 version of my article "Your First 50 Trans-Atlantic 
Countries" (for North American DXers) is now available on the
World Wide Web at the following URL's:

"http://home.on.rogers.wave.ca/werner/50countries.html"; and

"http://www2.wcoil.com/~gnbc/txt/1st50.htm"; .

I revised this article mostly because of a request for a spoken 
version for Fred Vobbe of the National Radio Club's DX Audio 
Service.  This is primarily for the visually impaired.  This 
will run over an hour.  I've got this half done and I should 
have it completed soon.

I've made a couple of minor changes of my own to it since.  Also
a few other helpful DXers (including Jean Burnell and Al Merriman) 
have added some further information.  None of the changes is
significant enough for a rewrite yet.  This article is a continuing 
work because of the constantly-changing nature of broadcasting.
After the next Newfoundland DXpedition (autumn 1998), I'll
do a thorough update based upon all changes that are made
known to me by then - including, obviously, things that are
found out during the DXpedition.  I will greatly appreciate
any updates / corrections that DXers around the world can 
provide me when they compare the Web-distributed document's
contents to what's actually being picked up on their receivers. 

73 & good DX to all ... Mark  

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