[HCDX]: Teracom/Radio Sweden Test
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[HCDX]: Teracom/Radio Sweden Test

Here is a response I just received from Mr. Magnus Nilsson of Teracom
Sweden.  I recently wrote him to say I was supsrised to not even hear a
trace of a carrier on the publicized frequencies of 15240 and 17870 from
the Radio Sweden test transmssions.  Mr. Nilsson writes:
<Dear Sir,
<Not so surprised that you do not have found anything on 15240 Khz as it
<now is rather rare used. Try 15235 kHz instead and please let me know
<the result. Still somewhat confused that 17 Mhz does not propagate
<better, rather reasonable reception in the north east part.

<Looking forward to hear from you again,

<Yours sincerely, Magnus Nilsson, Teracom
I will be checking the new frequency 15235 tomorrow morning and will post
results if the station is heard there.  Interstingly, the program
schedule on Radio Sweden's website lists 15240 instead of 15235 for the
1130-1200 UTC North American transmssion.


J.D. Stephens - Madison, AL, U.S.A.

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