[HCDX]: FM&TV DX WEB Page Press Relase
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[HCDX]: FM&TV DX WEB Page Press Relase

FM&TV DX WEB Page Press Relase!

Just a short notice as we only are a few weeks away from the first Es
openings on FM and TV here in Europe. The FM&TV DX WEB Page at www.sci.fi/~bkl in Finland has got it´s links page updated with over
110 new links related to European FM and TV DXing.

FM&TV DX WEB Page also offers an Email discussion list for all DXers interested in European + surrounding areas FM/TV DX.

Later this week FM&TV DX WEB Page will also launch a competition in wich You have to identify different FM stations based on audio clips. Stay tuned!

    Thank you for Your attention!

    FM&TV DX WEB Page Webmaster, Bo-Kristian Lindqvist

Bo-Kristian Lindqvist "BKL"       Email: bkl@xxxxxx
Eskilomvägen 294                    FM&TV DX WEB Page: www.sci.fi/~bkl
FIN-07880 Liljendal