Re: [HCDX]: 1640kHz station unmasked! (fwd)
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Re: [HCDX]: 1640kHz station unmasked! (fwd)

On Thu, 30 Apr 1998 22:26:43 -0400 Werner Funkenhauser <werner1@xxxxxxxx>
>Glen Kippel wrote:
>> Interesting stuff about the Haitian station, but the FCC database 
>> show a WFNM callsign, or a station on 1640 in your area.  Could it 
>be a
>> pirate?
>> Glen Kippel
>> khcs@xxxxxxxx
>A PerconCorp Database search shows the following for WFNM:
>Frequency Callsign Company Name              RS City      State  89.1
>WFNM     Franklin & Marshall Colle  BF Lancaster PA
>Searched 3,393,331 Records. Found 1 records in 0.06 seconds.
>BF = FM Broadcast
>Werner Funkenhauser
OK, I was doing a search on the FCC AM database, which explains why I
didn't find WFNM on 1640 kHz in Massachusetts.  

Glen Kippel

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