[HCDX]: logs from Retziki
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[HCDX]: logs from Retziki

---NEW Logs  from Retziki --  
SONY ICF 7600 D  plus 5 m alu wire plus ATU 

EQ  GUINEA 5003 R Natl Guinea   , 2140 April 3 news on agriculture and 
economics in SP read by OM , 32233 Speach on 2125/4.5 at 43223 Liangas GReece 
I think that this station is available  everyday There was also available the 
other staiton on 6250 for 3-5 

INDONESIA 4753 RRI Ujung Pandang 2145 April 3 only , YL with continuous speaks 
, keroncong songs , then IS with song of coconut islands , then news from 
Jakarta 24223 Liangas Greece 

INDONESIA , 4925, RRI Jambi, 2159 , April 3, hymns , IS  and news from Jakarta 
42422  Liangas Greece 

INDONESIA, 3395, RRI Tanjung Karang, 2205, April 3 only rcptn,   news from RRI 
JAakarta 23223  Liangas Greece 

ON April 4 there is a very strong QRN  from lightnings 

EGYPT, 13475, R Cairo, 1018, April 4, arab songs then ID " huna al Kahira'  
and freqs by YL  . Distorted audio 43443  Liangas Greece 

cland 13645 VOSA 1601 April 4 ID and folk songs 43333  Liangas Greece 

ZAMBIA, 4965, Radio Christian Voice, 2116,  April 4 songs and  ID in jingle man 
with religious themes and songs continued , 34232 Liangas Greece  It seems  
that RCV  came back in this QRG 

unIDed 4790  2125 April 4 with arabic songs man in arabic at low audio levels. 
Could not catch for any ID 2200* 34232 
"  'addicted' AM-HCDXers never listen to FMSS!"
Good HCDX is also listening to 1xxx1 stations 
Zacharias Liangas
pen-DX sejak 72
anggota World-DX-Club 2104,Play DX, DSWCI #3507(temporarily out) 
http://www.compulink.gr/Users/zliangas  SHORTED !
http://www.clandjop.com/~jcruzan/greek-p.html  (mirrored for greek pirate radio )
http://www.geocities.com/hollywood/lot/2638   NEW NEW 
pesawat penerima : Lowe HF 150 , SONY IFC 7600 D , Philips 2935 antena 6 m & 11 m 
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