[HCDX]: Woodside Logs
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[HCDX]: Woodside Logs

Dave Headland and I jumped in the car for a quick trip to Woodside to
check out our site for next weekend. It is the Queens Birthday weekend
here in Victoria (Australia) & we will be heading to Woodside Beach for
3 nights Friday - Monday. We have come across a new site with very flat
terrain. Ideal for putting 2000m beverages out at Latin and Nth America.
It looks a fantastic location. Just hope the conditions treat us well.

Had a quick listen this evening We put out 1000m (Along the ground) at
70 degrees and heard a few interesting stations. Can't wait to get the
antennas up on poles. We plan to put out 5 beverages over 1000m.

Woodside Beach is situated 260km East of Melbourne overlooking Bass
Strait. Receiver: Drake SPR4.

666     0807    RFO Noumea Tentative.. w/FF under Canberra.
891      0810   Lautoka Fiji Very strong w/Indian mx.
1150    0759   Unid w/talk format. Faded on the hour (What's new?) Will
sit on it this weekend.
1180    0755    R.Marti Marathon FL. Fair w/ss.
1200    0745    WOAI San Antonio TX. Strong w/ads & promo for farm
1220    0740    XEB Mexico. Strong with modern Mexican pops.
1320    0750    XECMQ R.Cinco.Mexico. fair w/Ranchera mx.
1390    0820    KCDR Turlock CA. Tent. Presume this w/SS ballads at fair
1410    0817    CFUN Vancouver. Good w/talk. Seemed to be mixing with
1410    0817    XEKB Guadalajara Mexico. Presume this w/Ranchera mx & SS
1420    0810    KCCN Honolulu. EZL mx and fair over 3XY.
1460    0815    KULA Maunawili HI.. Strong at times with pops.
1480    0730    UNID Asian. Hard to ID language. VV or CC ? Another to
sit on.
1510    0845   KGA Spokane WA. Ads, promo's w/talk
1650    0742    KXGL Costa Mesa CA.Very strong w/Ad for Lobsters
1670    0744    WNML Warner Robins GA Quite good at times suffering a
little splash from Aussies.
1700    0744   WCMQ Miami Beach FL.  Notched to good signal w/SS and
ballads. Some QRM from QLD.

No sign of the following:

1690 Was clear as clear but no sign of KAYK in Colorado
1660  WJDM NJ Elizabeth ... Nothing
1640 KDIA.. Too much Aussie splash.
1620  WPHG GA Atmore. Aussie wipeout
1620  KYIZ WA Denton. Aussie wipeout


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