[HCDX]: Anyone help with this?
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[HCDX]: Anyone help with this?

Can anyone help me identifying this station?

15445khz 1 June 1998 - 12:03/12:28 UTC monitoring

S    I    N    P    O
4    2    4    4    3   (degrading variably and badly to 32232  and then

With very variable audio I caught this station here  in Malaysia, but did
not manage to hear an ID. 'Passport' throws up:
Brazil : Radio Nacional
Seychelles: FEBA radio
UK: BBC viaThailand et al
VOA: various

It certainly sounded neither like BBC or VOA which I monitor regularly.
here's a report (all UTC):

12:03 - female reader News. reports Kosovo and ethnic Albanians; Russia's
financial crisis; Columbian national elections; Indonesia's new government.
12:05 reception extermly variable.
12:08 SINPO 32232
12:10 reports about China
12:12 Currency/stocks info.
12:15 Station ID/Jingle (audio very bad - id MISSED)
            heavy interference at this point from Dutch/Flemish(?) station
on 15450.
12:17 signal swamped
12:22 signal returns??? English female.
12:27 ALL interference disappears (weird!); soft english female voice

Penang, Malaysia

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