[HCDX]: TFW 62 2/2
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[HCDX]: TFW 62 2/2

THE FOUR WINDS ON LINE  - Copyright 1998  Part  2
Year 3 -  Number  62  - Rome,7 June 1998

2246- 7225- TUNISIA- ERTT  2246  New freq replacing long-time 7475,
carrying Qur'an recitation // 7280 and 12005.6. Intense co-channel QRM
from at least two other stations makes this a poor choice.  (Hill, USA,
May 23)

2300- 6980- PIRATE SOUTH AMERICA- Radio Cochiguaz, From Somewhere in
South America, Test Transmission, New Site and new V Inverted 1/2 wave
antenna with 100 watts of power according to the announce in the
transmission by Cachito Mamani ID in in multiple languages (Spanish,
Quichua, Guarani and English in the transmission announce one address in
the United States " ....y seguimos por la frecuencia de 6980 KHz
escuchando la programación de Radio Cochiguaz" Andean Music 2300 /-2350
SINPO 54444 June 3, 1998 (Eramo, Argentina)
modulation from 0130 to 0145 UTC SINPO 24322 (Eramo, Argentina)


AUSTRALIA - Radio Australia via Shepparton (13605 kHz)-Sunset at
Shepparton QSL card in five weeks. Also sent program schedule,
information on the Southbank studios, and a sticker. (Bueneman-MO, USA)

CLANDESTINE - National Democratic Alliance - V of Sudan with award
diploma QSL on a  A4  paper  computer made s/g Abdulahi F Mohdi - NDA SG
Office director. Adress : 16 Cameret Court Lorne Gardens  London W11 4
XX tel: 1344 874123 fax 628077.  Fequency was  8000  kHz on 3 May MY
letter sent via email on 11-5 .  reply letter received 21-5 (Liangas,

CLANDESTINE - Voice of Sudan QSL's.  Abdullahi Elmahdi, Secretary
General of the National Democratic Alliance (which operates the Voice of
Sudan), tells CRW that he receives approximately two reception reports a
week.  He has produced attractive diplomas for correct letters and
appreciates the tremendous interest people have shown in his
organization, its struggle, and the radio station.  We should thank him
for his generosity and kindness towards the listening community. (CRW

CLANDESTINE - Democratic Voice of Burma Maung Maung Myint, P.O.Box 6720,
Skt. Olavs Plass, N-0130 Oslo, Norway Webpage : www.communique.no/dvb/>
v/s Harn Yawnghwe (Direction) standard verification letter in 4-5 weeks
(Foster-Australia via NU 1477 / CWR #5)

CLANDESTINE - Voice of Democratic Eritrea P.O.Box 200343, 53134 Bonn,
Germany v/s Seyoum O. Michael (Member of Executive Committee, ELF-RC)
Arrived in 17 days after follow-up, total wait 4 months
(Foster-Australia via NU 1475 / CWR # 5)

CLANDESTINE - Voice of Tigray Revolution Fre Tesfami Chael, Director,
P.O. Box 450, Mekelle, Tigray, Ethiopia v/s Fre Tesfamichael Two page
form letter with name and address added (Martin-Australia via NU 1477 /
CWR # 5)

COSTA RICA - Faro del Caribe TIFC (5055 kHz)-detailed letter in five
weeks for Spanish report, signed by Carlos Rozotto Piedrasanta, Director
Administrativo. (Bueneman-MO, USA)

IRAN - 9022 kHz, Radio Teheran, QSL-c (full data) showing beautiful
Khaju Bridge in Esfahan, schedule, stamps, sticker, islamic magazine
Mahjubah, v/s not given, in 60 days for no IRC, report sent to IRIB, Box
150140, D-53040 Bonn, Germany (M.Schoech, Germany)

PIRATE SOUTH AMERICA - 6950 KHz, Radio Cochiguaz, QSL-c full data
(beautiful color Andean picture) v/s Cachito Mamani Operador Radio
Cochiguaz, received in 88 days for 2 IRC. (Eramo, Argentina)

UNITED KINGDOM - div., BBC, special QSL cards issued for special action
for DXers due to '60 years of broadcasts in German', cards verified BBC
relays from Antigua, Ascension, Masirah/Oman, Sackville/Canada,
Singapore, Burg/Germany and Cyprus, all issued by German service of BBC,
for no IRC in 4 weeks (M.Schoech, Germany)


CANADA - Checking out all VOA frequencies in anticipation of segment "C"
of Communications World Sat May 30 at 1503, 6160 had news in English but
it turned out to be CBC, no doubt Vancouver but unusual over daylight
path here (Glenn Hauser, OK / GH SW/DX Report 98-25  June 4 1998)

CLANDESTINE - The Voice of Democratic Burma, which broacast from studios
in Oslo, request assistance. it wants to know whether the following
broadcast can be picked up in (Northern) Europe: BBC Burmese Service
1345-1430 UTC on 11740/11850)720/7135 kHz' VOA Burmese Service 1500-1600
UTC on 13820/11530/1159 kHz RFA Burmese Service 1230-1530 UTC on
11910/11850 kHz.  I would appreicate if any DSWCIer could check these
frequencies    for me and e-mail the results to .I cannot check it
myself as my summer DX season starts two weeks from now. Voice of
Democratuic Burma, like myself, is located in downtown Oslo and SW is
drowned in local QRM.The assistance of DX Window would be much
appreciated. (73, Rolf Lovstrom, Skovveien 22, 0257 OSLO NORWAY via DXW
116 / CWR # 5)

CLANDESTINE - RADIO FREE ASIA Radio Free Asia, new Cantonese 1400-1457
11500. (19-May/Lieberwirth-GER/WWDXC TopNews/Bueschel-GER / NASWA LN
June 98)

COSTA RICA - RFPI announced this new schedule May 15: 1800-0800 30 kW on
15050 (actually 15049+); 1500-2330 10 kW 21460; 0000-1430 10 kW 7385.
However, 7385 then changed to the 3 kW transmitter, which is on 7385.0,
no longer heterodyning China after 1200. No USB transmissions at present
(Glenn Hauser, OK / GH SW/DX Report 98-24, May 28)

COSTA RICA - 6071.26 presumed R. 88 Estereo, was already on the air by
1004 May 9; also hrd signing on at approx. 1008 on May 11, and at 1010
on  May 12, so s/on seems to be getting later, whether intentionally or
not, I don't know. Signal was already on its way out by 1020 this
morning, but without any QRM from CFRX. (12- May/Berg-MA/NU/WWDXC
TopNews/Bueschel-GER / NASWA LN June 98 )

CYPRUS - A note from Bayrak Radio: "We were supposed to have a new SW
transmitter by the end of last year but unfortunately the supplier firm
could not fullfill his obligations, we are still experiencing trouble
with the case, therefore we can not predict anything for the moment. We
are trying to get the  Bayrak International broadcast on the Internet
nowadays, and hope that you will be able to listen by next week. Our
address is: < http://www.emu.edu.tr/~brt > (12-May/Vaughan/British DX
Club/WWDXC TopNews/Bueschel-GER / NASWA LN 98)

CZECH REPUBLIC - From June 2, the English transmissions of R. Prague at
0700, 0900 and 1030 will be suspended for technical reasons (Edwin
Southwell, England, May 31, WORLD OF RADIO 943 / GH SW/DX Report 98-25 
June 4 1998)

DIGITAL MODULATION - Bonaire relay with R. Vlaanderen Intl on 11750 at
*0428-0456* in Dutch. Then shifts to 11810 with DW in English from
*0458. Horrible digital modulation, typical of all Bonaire transmitters,
with wide splatter over 40 kHz. According to DXLD-49, WGTG is planning
to use digital modulation on new transmitter. All MW and SW stations are
now using this atrocious digital audio systme, but when I firist
mentioned it two years ago in DXLD-47, I was called a conspiracy nut.
Tune in WWCR or RCI in the SSB mode and watch the digital pulse
modulation on your S-meter. The meter swings wildly from 40 over S9 to
S2 between each word or syllable. This often causes terrible voice
distortion when listening in the AM mode, since the carrier is cut off
between each word. The old AM signals had a steady, uninterrupted
carrier with much better audio. The wide new digital modulation is
causing horrible QRM on SW, as I predicted two years ago (Ernie Behr,
942/ GH SW/DX Report 98-24, May 28)

ECUADOR - Hi, Just recently I noticed that HCJB's English morning
transmission to Europe (07.00 to 09.00 hours UTC on 11960 kHz) is
interrupted daily at 08.00 hours UTC by a short transmission break. In
an e-mail message, HCJB's Frequency Manager David Lewis explains:  As an
explanation for the interruptions, I'd like to begin by saying that
we're running on reduced transmitter output power right now.  Normally,
we transmit this English-to-Europe release at 250 KW on our 500 KW
transmitter.  However, about 2 weeks ago, a large transformer in this
transmitter developed an internal short-circuit, forcing us to take the
transmitter off-line, and seek repairs for the transformer.  As a
backup, we have four 100 KW transmitters, and we had to make a new
broadcast schedule, in which we took all of our 500 KW transmitter's
programs and transferred them over to our 100 KW transmitters.  What
this means is that some language programs now have to be "cut up" at
times (usually at the hours or half-hours) to fit into the 100 KW
transmitters' program schedules, due to the addition of the 500 KW
transmitter's additional programming.  When the 500 KW transmitter was
operating, the 0700 to 0900 hrs UTC English programming ran
continuously, without any "transfer" interruptions.  Now, however, we
have to have a "transfer break" shortly before 0800 hrs UTC, because we
have to now split up this English programming between two 100 KW
transmitters.  That explains the break you heard (and will hear for a
while longer) at 0800 UTC.  The other break that you heard was at 0728
hrs UTC, and was caused by an unintentional RF power amplifier reflected
voltage fault.  It just so happened that this fault occured near the
half hour.  It was probably good that you sent your message, since when
we investigated this fault, we discovered a mechanical fault with a
tuning coil in the affected transmitter, and we were able to correct it
right away.  We hope to have our 500 KW transmitter back on-line again
in a week or two, and when this is possible, the 11960 Khz programming
to Europe should once again be coming to you with more output power and
hopefully fewer interruptions.  (via Michiel Schaay, The Netherlands)

GERMANY - I was also surprised to hear Brother Stair on 3945. Deutsche
Telekom has departed from its traditional conservatism in frequency
selection  here. As was rightly pointed out, 3945 is not allocated to
broadcasting in Region 1. 3945 is particularly touchy, because the
nearby 3943.5 has been reserved for the French military, and NATO
activity has also been noted close by. I recall that IRRS Milan tried
using 3945 under a loophole in the ITU regulations (like BBC 9410 does)
many years ago, but was jammed heavily as a not-too-subtle invitation to
get off! So far, DT has been getting away with  it, so one assumes that
some sort of understanding has been reached, no doubt helped by the
substantial dollars/marks flowing in from Brother Stair!  As for  the
ham radio protests, I'm afraid Brother Stair is technically right: the
amateur service has no claim to 3945 in Region 1. On the bottom line,
according to  ITU agreements, DT/Brother Stair may continue to occupy
3945 unless higher priority services officially complain within 30 days.
I don't think this will happen, because of the reasons mentioned above.
WORLD OF RADIO 943 / GH SW/DX Report 98-25  June 4 1998)

INDONESIA - The Japanese program of Voice of Indonesia at 1130-1200
broadcasts news everyday, but several days around the resignation of the
President on May 21, news was not heard. According to the station,
Japanese staff had returned to Japan and no staff had translated news
from Indonesian to Japanese.  (Juichi Yamada, JAPAN / Jembatan DX  # 47)

INDONESIA - Ending music of RRI Jakarta news at 0600 & 1200 was changed.
(Juichi Yamada, JAPAN  / Jembatan DX  # 47)

KAZAKHSTAN -Three years ago it was determined that the country's capital
would be changed from Almaty [formerly Alma Ata] to Akmola, a town of
currently 300,000 inhabitants. On Fri, May 8th, the country's President
announced that the name of the new capital would be changed from Akmola
("white tomb") to Astana (the Kazakh lang word for "capital"). President
Nazarbayev is scheduled to preside over official ceremonies to present
the new  capital to the world on June 10th. (9-May/Reuters/Toronto Globe
and Mail/Clark-ONT/WWDXC TopNews/Bueschel-GER  / NASWA LN June 98) I
located the new capital, spelled Aqmola in the National Geographic Atlas
of the World, in the north-central interior of the country.
(16-May/Clark-CAN/DXW/WWDXC TopNews/Bueschel-GER / NASWA LN June 98)

KAZAKHSTAN - Kazakh Radio Almaty in RR now Mon-Fri extended til 1800 on
11950. German sce Suns replaced 1000 by 1100 , still on 9505 direct, and
Kiev-UKR relay 9620 & 11720. (14-May/PanIview/Pankov-BUL/WWDXC
TopNews/Bueschel-GER  / NASWA LN June 98)

KOREA, NORTH - Radio Pyongyang is now on 7505 (ex 13790, QRM CRI 7504)
1700-2200 in RR/GG/RR/GG/GG. (16-Apr/PanIview-BUL/WWDXC
TopNews/Bueschel-GER / NASWA LN June 98)

MADAGASCAR - AWR relay heard here May 21 on 3215 at 1535 w/excellent
signal of near "local station" quality. Malagasy religious program. (Tom
Davies, May 23 / EDXP # 89)

MADAGASCAR - An interview with the Frequency Manager of R. Netherlands
was broadcast recently in the AWR DX program "Wavescan." In this
interview, he stated that he expects the new 25 kw txer for AWR usage to
be ready in a couple of months. If radio listeners have not yet logged
the  temporary 7.5 kw unit on 3215, they should do so soon, while the
opportunity is still available. The 25 kW txer was previously in service
in Germany, and  it also will be co-located at the RN relay stn at
Talata Volondry. (Adrian Peterson, AWR, Indiana, USA in NU May 24/EDXP #

NEW ZEALAND - [non]. You may recall that last fall I wrote an article in
tribute to Arthur Cushen.  GH helped me with it.  I intended to have it
published in the Braille Monitor, official organ of the National
Federation of the Blind.  Although I sent it in in about October, it
didn't make it into the magazine until April 1998. Anyone, whether or
not a member of NFB, can read this article, as well as the rest of the
Braille Monitor on the NFB web site: < http://www.nfb.org > (Tim Hendel,

NIGERIA - Regarding the V. of Nigeria statements, obtained by Hans
Johnson/Cumbre DX: They emphasized, that they operate 15120 with a new
Thomcast transmitter. This suggests, that 7255 originates still from one
of the "old" 500 kW Brown Boveri units, installed around 1980; likely
running on half power as in previous years. As I understand, it was
believed, that these five Brown Boveri transmitters are already
collapsed, but seemingly at least one piece is still alive (Kai Ludwig,
May 31 / EDXP # 90)

PAKISTAN - 15335.05 R. Pakistan, May 11, 1700-1900*, new freq for Urdu
WS to EUR (x9330). //v11570.10, thanks to a tip of Noel Green,
Blackpool. Special Urdu progr to ME workers is now on v9330.10 at
1800-1900 (x7255). (11-May/Green-UK + Bueschel/WWDXC
TopNews/Bueschel-GER / NASWA LN June 98)

PAPUA NEW GUINEA - From 'The National', Port Moresby, 27 May 1998. "NBC
also to blame for chaos, says ex-director". By PETER KASIA.  The
National Broadcasting Corporation must be blamed equally for the chaos
it is experiencing, a former director for the NBC's policy, Joseph
Korau, said. Mr Korau said the problems have not cropped up overnight
but have accumulated over the years because of the failures of
executives to implement the  Government's Broadcasting Development Plan
(BDP) on NBC. "I don't think there are financial problems with NBC.
Funds are there, it is the  implementation of the Government's policy,"
he said. Mr Korau said the BDP was originally intended to be implemented
in three phases and he had personally implemented the first part of
phase one in 1987, which involved the installation of new 10 kilowatt
high frequencies in all the provincial stations  under the Japanese
government's aid. "This was to be followed by part two of phase one on
the relocation and the installation of new 10 kilowatt high  frequency
national Karai transmitters at Bubia near Lae and the relocation of
medium wave Karai and Radio Central transmitters at Bootless Bay along 
the Magi Highway so as to make the site available for the Waigani City
Development Plan to take place," he said.  Mr Korau said that phase two
of the BDP was to have involved the replacement of transmitter aerials,
wire mattings and program lines (owned by PTC) from the studios to the
transmitters in  order to improve radio signals (receptions) throughout
the country. He said phase three of the BDP would have involved the
replacement of studio  equipment and facilities including the
construction of a new studio/office complexes at Madang, Lorengau,
Kavieng, Kimbe, Arawa, Lae, Popondetta,  Alotau, Mount Hagen and Mendi.
"How can the NBC management expect the Government to come to their aid
when they are to be blamed for not implementing the existing development
policy, especially part two of phase one, phase wo and phase three?" Mr
Korau said.  He said foreign aid donors  were readily available to
assist the NBC and this would only come about if the NBC executive knew
how to go about securing assistance of that kind. "During my time with
the NBC, the Japanese Government through the Japanese International
Co-operation Agency (JICA) provided a report on a new three-storey
office, radio/television complex for the NBC at Five Mile at a cost of
K17 million. Unfortunately, the then chairman, Sir Alkan Tololo, thought
it otherwise and the whole plan fell apart. Simply put, the past
chairmen of the NBC, mostly former diplomats with no radio background,
are to be blamed as well for the current dire state of affairs within
the NBC," Mr Korau said. (via Matt Francis /EDXP # 90)

PAPUA NEW GUINEA - Radio Free Bougainville, Loloho: Stn currently uses
3865 0900-1100, in EE and local langs, with 80 Watts, from a site in
Central Bougainville. The local community still refers to the region as
"The Republic of Bougainville." QSLs and general information available
for five  IRCs, from Sam Voron, 2 Griffith Avenue, Roseville, NSW,
Australia 2069. Tel: +61 2 9417 1066. (1-May/Ogrizek-AUS/EDXP/WWDXC
TopNews/Bueschel-GER / NASWA LN June 98)

PHILIPPINES - FEBC noted on new 11635 *2315-2330* ex 11650, with Lao
dialects. Move made probably to avoid CRI 11650 with Sp to Americas, May
24 (Bob Padula / EDXP # 89)

PIRATE EUROPE - Radio AL International maybe transmitt on 19 mb,
probably on 15045 kHz but that isn't sure. (news via Alfred-operator of
Radio AL Int. / Radiorama Pirate News May # 3)

PIRATE SOUTH AMERICA - Radio Cochiguaz will be active again with his
pirate activity on the  next weekend 6 and 7 June 1998 with a 1/2 wave V
inverted dipole  antenna on LSB mode relaying some free radio stations
from somewhere here in South America. On Sat 6 June 1998  6980 khz LSB  
2345(Fri)-0045  Star Club Radio  6950 khz LSB   0100-0200  Voice of
South Dublin 0215-0315    Radio Marabu 0330-0430   Star Club Radio -On
Sun 7 June 1998 6980 khz LSB   2000-2100  Star Club Radio  2115-2215
Radio Marabu  2230-2330  Voice of South Dublin  2345-0045 (Mon) Radio
Marabu.  73 and FFFR !  (direct, Cachito Mamani, Radio Cochiguaz)

RUSSIA - Due to financial cuts VoRussia Russian sce deletes a number of
frequencies from June 1. The new schedule is: 1200-1400 5940 7330 9480 
11675; 1300-1400 11655 to FE --- 2000-2100 9785; 1800-2000 11930 to EUR
--- 1700-2100 11890 15535 to EUR and AF --- 1700-1900 11685  11850 15490
15515; 1700-2100 11920 to AF --- 2300-0000 9480 12070 to LA ---
1500-1600 11850 11975 15510 15515 to ME --- 1200-1300 15510; 1200-1400
17610 to SEA.  Also there is a possibility that VoR will cease
transmissions at 1800-1900 and 2300-0000 time slots. (Nikolai Pashkevich
and Pavel Mikhailov May 31 / EDXP # 90)

TURKEY - Turkish Police Radio 0400-1600 heard on odd 7371.6 (x nominal
7370). (12-Apr/PanIview-BUL/WWDXC TopNews/Bueschel-GER / NASWA LN June

UNITED KINGDOM - 15365, The Media Zoo, 1340 May 18. Tuned in to hear pop
mx and live coverage of the Cable and Satellite Show 1998. ID'ed as "The
Media Zoo on Merlin Network One via CMR". At 1400 Bucharest came up in
Ar on frequency, and Media Zoo moved to 15360. Excellent signal on both
frequencies. (Jay Novello, May 18 / EDXP # 89)

URUGUAY - 6140/9595/11735 R. Montecarlo/Oriental's SW outlets are
currently inoperative, due to xter failure. (Nigro-Uruguay, May 30)

USA - Estate of Joe Costello has been taking bids in the auction of
WRNO. This started May 8 for 15 days but may be extended. Ask for a bid
package to: Ashton R. Hardy, Esq., 111 Veterans Memorial Blvd., Suite
255, Metairie, LA 70005; phone 504-830-4646; fax 504-830-4659 (George
Thurman, May 26, RIB and WORLD OF RADIO 942/ GH SW/DX Report 98-24, May

USA -  Subject: Brother Stair broadcasts via WRMI.  In a response to a
reception report to WRMI of hearing The Overcomer program by Brother
Stair from 0400 to after 0700 hours UT Sunday, WRMI sent this forwarded
information. Brother Stair is using 77 hours per week of WRMI time
(unless my math is wrong). This is the first time I have seen anything
in print and I have not heard Brother Stair mention WRMI at all
recently. His newspaper mentions WRNO, WWCR, the German station and
several US broadcast stations. Forwarded message Subject: Brother Stair
broadcasts via WRMI Thanks for your message.  Brother Stair's broadcasts
via WRMI began less than two weeks ago.  He is now on our station on the
following schedule: Monday-Friday 1300-2200 UT Monday-Friday   2300-0000
Tuesday-Saturday 0300-0400 Saturday  0500-1000 Saturday 1600-1900
Saturday  2000-2100  Saturday 2300-0000  Sunday  0300-1100 Sunday 
1600-2000.  Our second transmitter and antenna are not yet operating. 
All broadcasts are on 9955 kHz, beamed to the Caribbean and Latin
America (Jeff White, WRMI via Thomas Dixon, May 19, REVIEW OF
98-24, May 28)

USA - [and non]. Bro. R. G. Stair hard on many new fqcs from Juelich
transmitter site since mid-March: on 15625 at *1557-2059*; on 12050 at
*2057-2359*; on 11910 from 0500 May 9; also on 7 or 8 other fqcs; he
said his total airtime on all stations is now 68 xmtr hours daily; that
was before he received a $1 million check from a listener (a young man
in his 20s) on April 20, all of which will be used to buy more airtime.
Stair has sent out more than 10,000 SW portables to listeners in the
last 5 years (Ernie Behr, Ont., May 10, REVIEW OF INTERNATIONAL
BROADCASTING and WORLD OF RADIO 942/ GH SW/DX Report 98-24, May 28)

Join me for the latest tuning tips for the South Pacific on Radio New
Zealand International during "Mailbox", fortnightly broadcasts, Monday
0430z on 17675kHz and 1130z on 6100kHz, repeated the following Thursday
0830z on 6100kHz and Friday at 1930z on 9875kHz. Next Broadcasts:
Starting Mondays, June 8th and 22nd repeated on following days as above.
And on AWR's "Wavescan" commencing the third Sunday of the month (see
www.awr.org for frequency schedule), repeated at 0800z and 2000z on ZLXA
Print Disabled Radio the third Monday of the month, on 1602kHz,  3935kHz
and 7290kHz. (Paul Ormandy, New Zealand)

WORLD OF RADIO SCHEDULE, as of May 28:  On RFPI Costa Rica: Fri 2000,
Sat 0400, 1100, 1800, Sun 0200, 0900, 2300, Mon 0700, Tue 1900, Wed
0300, 1000--on 15050 30 kW 1800-0800; 21460 10 kW 1500-2330; 7385 3 kW
0000-1430; sometimes there are additional airings around 1500.  On WWCR
Nashville, Thu 2030 15685, Sat 0600 5070 AND 3210, Sun 0630 5070, Tue
1230 15685.  On WGTG, Georgia, Sat 2330 on 5085-USB. (Glenn Hauser, USA)

CONTINENT OF MEDIA (COM) is an additional half-hour carried only by
RFPI, produced about once a month and repeated weekly until a new
edition arrive, on this schedule: Fri 1930 on 15050 and 21460, Sat 0330
on 7385 and 15050; 1030 on 7385; Sat 1730 on 21460, Sun 0130 on 7385 and
15050, 0830 on 7385. For the time being, also Wed 2300 on 21460, 15050;
Thu 0700 on 7385, 15050. Look for 6980 to be reactivated on AM at night.
A new edition  starts in June. COM deals primarily with domestic media
developments in North America. (Glenn Hauser, USA)


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