Re: [HCDX]: Calderdale Sound Info.
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Re: [HCDX]: Calderdale Sound Info.

At 17:46 07/06/98 +0200, you wrote:

>I think I heard this one this morning (7.6). Played some songs by the Beatles
>and other music from the 60's. No id heard yet but female at the mike talking
>British type of English. Very strong QRM from SER, still have to check the
>minidisc if I have an id but I don't think so. But probably the only British
>station on the frequency?
>Patrik Willför

Hi Patrik, (and any other Dxers on the list who might be intersted!)

	I checked their programmes last night and noticed that they seemed
to be carrying an 'overnight sustaining service' - probably off one of the 
satellite channels. I listened for a while, but didn't hear any proper
station ID's just 'Night Tracks' followed by IRN news at 0100 UTC! 

	Some RSL stations carry sustaining services overnight during weekdays,
but have their own programmes at the weekend. It's difficult to say which
you heard, but if it was a sustaining service it would be hard to get a 
positive ID that it was CSR from them. Usual thing is to carry these
services from 0000 to 0600 local time, so checking before 2300 UTC might be
the only way to get a proper CSR ID.

	Since there aren't any UK stations other than RSLs using 1575 I'm 
pretty sure it must have been their transmitter that you heard, though I 
guess it will be harder to verify for sure unles you catch them with their 
own programming. 

	Finally, and for the benefit of any list members who aren't sure what
a sustaining service is a short explanation:

	Since most RSL stations use volunteer staff and presenters they don't
always have enough people to provide programmes during the night time. Instead
they are allowed to carry other services provided they get permission - often
stations such as BBC World Service, Virgin etc. These programmes are taken 
off the audio channels of satellite stations (as is the news services such
as IRN - Independent Radio News). Usually this will be switched in between
midnight and 0600 local, and then normal programmes will be carried again
from 0600 to 2400 local.

	This is great for the station since it saves a lot of time and money, 
but bad news for the DXer who wants to get a positive ID. If this service is
all that you can hear try and catch details of what the sustaining service 
is, and who provides the news service (IRN etc.). Most RSL stations don't
keep written logs, and won't be able to check details of what music was
played by the sustaining service. They will know which sustaining service
they were carrying though, and who was providing the news service (written 
permission is required from them!), this information might be sufficient 
to get you a verification. 

	Alternatively, you could try e-mailing the station and asking them to
try a special test broadcast one night - say 0000 to 0100 UTC, maybe someone
at the station will be intersted in knowing where they can be heard!      

	Hope that's of some help. 73 for now, Alan.

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