Re: [HCDX]: Calderdale Sound Info.
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Re: [HCDX]: Calderdale Sound Info.

Den 08-Jun-98, skrev Alan Gale:

>>I think I heard this one this morning (7.6). Played some songs by the
>>and other music from the 60's. No id heard yet but female at the mike
>>British type of English. Very strong QRM from SER, still have to check the
>>minidisc if I have an id but I don't think so. But probably the only British
>>station on the frequency?
>>Patrik Willför

>Hi Patrik, (and any other Dxers on the list who might be intersted!)

>I checked their programmes last night and noticed that they seemed
>to be carrying an 'overnight sustaining service' - probably off one of the 
>satellite channels. I listened for a while, but didn't hear any proper
>station ID's just 'Night Tracks' followed by IRN news at 0100 UTC! 

>Some RSL stations carry sustaining services overnight during weekdays,
>but have their own programmes at the weekend. It's difficult to say which
>you heard, but if it was a sustaining service it would be hard to get a 
>positive ID that it was CSR from them. Usual thing is to carry these
>services from 0000 to 0600 local time, so checking before 2300 UTC might be
>the only way to get a proper CSR ID.

>Since there aren't any UK stations other than RSLs using 1575 I'm 
>pretty sure it must have been their transmitter that you heard, though I 
>guess it will be harder to verify for sure unles you catch them with their 
>own programming. 

>Finally, and for the benefit of any list members who aren't sure what
>a sustaining service is a short explanation:

>Since most RSL stations use volunteer staff and presenters they don't
>always have enough people to provide programmes during the night time.
>they are allowed to carry other services provided they get permission - often
>stations such as BBC World Service, Virgin etc. These programmes are taken 
>off the audio channels of satellite stations (as is the news services such
>as IRN - Independent Radio News). Usually this will be switched in between
>midnight and 0600 local, and then normal programmes will be carried again
>from 0600 to 2400 local.

>This is great for the station since it saves a lot of time and money, 
>but bad news for the DXer who wants to get a positive ID. If this service is
>all that you can hear try and catch details of what the sustaining service 
>is, and who provides the news service (IRN etc.). Most RSL stations don't
>keep written logs, and won't be able to check details of what music was
>played by the sustaining service. They will know which sustaining service
>they were carrying though, and who was providing the news service (written 
>permission is required from them!), this information might be sufficient 
>to get you a verification. 

>Alternatively, you could try e-mailing the station and asking them to
>try a special test broadcast one night - say 0000 to 0100 UTC, maybe someone
>at the station will be intersted in knowing where they can be heard!      

>Hope that's of some help. 73 for now, Alan.

Well I just gave it a listen (of what I recorded on MiniDisc) 7.6 and they do
have a own id between 0000 and 0100. "on 15-75 this is Calderdale Sound
Radio". It will be uploaded in the near fututre to my homepage at

So start downloading your mp3 players as I think real audio is old

Patrik Willfor
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