Re: [HCDX]: Radio Mam Log
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Re: [HCDX]: Radio Mam Log

> Last night I heard for the first time Radio Mam
> from Guatemala on 4824.95 Khz at 2330 UTC with 
> spanish talks and Id/freq.ann for shortwave and
> FM transmitter by male voice,reception was not
> easy and noted SIO 222.

Radio Mam's usual schedule is 1300 - 2400 UTC, which makes it rather
difficult since that is basically a daylight schedule only. In the
northern hemisphere, mid-winter is the only time to hear this station.
In Europe and eastern North America it can be heard during the tailend
of the broadcast - around 2330 - in December and early January. In
western North America the first part of the morning broadcast can be
heard. Here in Iowa, sometimes in mid-Winter this one will hang in
until almost 1400 UTC. In past years, this station has stayed on late
on New Year's Eve, so the coming Dec 31/Jan 1 may be another time to
log this one. Most of the Guatemalans stay on past 0600 (local
midnight) on Jan 1.

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