Re: [HCDX]: Radio Mam Log (fwd)
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Re: [HCDX]: Radio Mam Log (fwd)

Don Moore schrieb:
> Ruud Vos schrieb :
> > Last night I heard for the first time Radio Mam
> > from Guatemala on 4824.95 Khz at 2330 UTC with 
> > spanish talks and Id/freq.ann for shortwave and
> > FM transmitter by male voice,reception was not
> > easy and noted SIO 222.
> Radio Mam's usual schedule is 1300 - 2400 UTC, which makes it rather
> difficult since that is basically a daylight schedule only. In the
> northern hemisphere, mid-winter is the only time to hear this station.
> In Europe and eastern North America it can be heard during the tailend
> of the broadcast - around 2330 - in December and early January. In
> western North America the first part of the morning broadcast can be
> heard. Here in Iowa, sometimes in mid-Winter this one will hang in
> until almost 1400 UTC. In past years, this station has stayed on late
> on New Year's Eve, so the coming Dec 31/Jan 1 may be another time to
> log this one. Most of the Guatemalans stay on past 0600 (local
> midnight) on Jan 1.
> Don Moore   mooredxer@xxxxxxxxx
> ==

Dear Don & Ruud and other "Guatemala hunters"

Please also realize that R. Mam, 4825, irregularly operates well beyond its 
official s/off time. On January 25 of this year I heard them at 03.00 with a 
smashing signal. To ID I made a long recording of Marimba music, in arm-chair 
quality. Finally got my ID. Station still going strong at around 05.00.

Just this week I logged them again beyond their scheduled s/off time, December 
17, 01.55. Signal was marginal (SIO 232). I do not know if their extended 
schedules correspond to holidays or something, or just are "irregular" (and 
therefore unpredictable).
Anyway, keep an open ear for R. Mam, also beyond midnight UTC.

73's & Good DX
Aart Rouw
Bühl (SW Germany)
AR7030 + 15m longwire
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