[HCDX]: good conditions to south part of africa
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[HCDX]: good conditions to south part of africa

Hi all DX friends this evening it was pretty good to the south part of africa see logs below try it also good luck with it.
5050.05,R Tanzania,Dar es Salaam,Dec 26,1701,News in zwahili by male speaker
with mention of Tanzania,// 11734.15,at 1705 ID as:
Radio Tanzania dar es Salaam.
On 11734.15 relaying R Tanzania on 5050 at 1700.
5050.05 = 23333
11734.15 = 35333  van rooy

3320,R Sonder Grense,Meyerton,Dec 26,1750,Oldies,at 1755 male speaker in
afrikaans with announcement for volgende week vrijdag and die nieuw
jaar,lekker feest viere, hier op Radio Sonder Grense,
also mentioning: die laatste zaterdagavond voor die ouwe jaar.
35444  van rooy

3210,R Mozambique,Maputo,Dec 26,1800,ID by male speaker in portugese as:
Emissao Nacional followed by male announcements into music,followed at 1803
by popmusic with portugese male songs.
35333  van rooy

3356,R Botswana,Gabarone,Dec 26,1805,Phonecalls in setswana,mentioning
telephone number several times in english and continues with phonecalls,at
1830 clear mention of Gabarone.
35444  van rooy

3306,ZBC Harare 2,Dec 26,1810,News in vernacular by male speaker with
mention of united nations and 3x Harare,at 1812 clear mention of Zimbabwe.
34333  van rooy

3269.90,NBC Windhoek 2,Dec 26,1852,Typical african choirsongs,
at 1856 male announcement in vernacular followed by popmusic,at1858
christmas comercials,at 1900 News in english by male speaker with
announcement for worldnews, // 3289.90.
3269.90 = 34333
3289.90 = 24332  van rooy

73,s Karl van rooy

good to the south part of africa