[HCDX]: Antenna/Impedance!
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[HCDX]: Antenna/Impedance!

Connecting a 40-45 meter long L-antenna and using coaxial feed
in...what is the impedance?

When using this type of antenna....I only connect the center feed,and
leaving the shield open,this makes the antenna free from noice..but
connecting the shield to chassis on the receiver makes the reception
more noisy.....

Any have ideas if this is the correct way for feed in?

Also if I make a dipole with same length,where the dipole is connected

to feed in (coax) with center lead to one half of the dipole,and the
other half to the shield....should the feed in,have the shield and
center lead connected to the receiver...or should the shield be left
open (isolated) with only using the center lead?      What is the
impedance here?

Is it possible to use a balun to these antennas,would there be a
better performance or what?
Anybody have a experience on using this kind of solution?
I guess using a balun with the L-antenna is by the same means of using

it with a beverage,or am I wrong on this?


Alf Aardal

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