Re: [HCDX]: Returning QSL's to stations
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Re: [HCDX]: Returning QSL's to stations

Cuba on 710 has been noted off frequency here. I have heard them as 
high as 713.6.  I suggest that is the source of the interference.

> I had a very nice conversation with one of the engineers at KCMO
> 710 in Kansas City the other day.  Many evenings starting about
> 1900 or 2000 local time, they will be interefered with, getting a
> very loud heterodyne that rises very slowly in strength and pitch
> up to about 2 kHz.  Earlier this week it went up to about 3.5 kHz. 

> In talking to the engineer, he suggested that there were strong
> stations such as WOR in New York and the two Chicago stations on
> 720 and 670.  As the conversation progressed, he realized that I
> was a DXer, and said that he was as well.  It turns out that
> several stations in the Kansas City area are having trouble with
> antennas, ground systems and the like.  KCMO used to be on 810, but
> switched with WHB over a year ago.  Since then, WHB has had a lot
> of trouble with spurs, and I hear their 2x image on 1620. One
> afternoon while on a mini-DXpedition about 6 miles east of town, I
> heard them mixing on 1650 with an unidentified station.  After
> about 45 minutes, I determined that unidentified station was 660
> out of Omaha, Nebraska, a couple of hundred miles away!  

Bill Harms
Elkridge, Maryland, USA
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