Re: [HCDX]: Returning QSL's to stations
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Re: [HCDX]: Returning QSL's to stations

At 00.21 31.12.1998 GMT, Matt Francis wrote:
>Some DXers hunt down QSLs as if are they
>lost treasure. It worries me when I see people hounding stations over periods
>of several months or even years for verification of a report which might be
>quite old. Certainly, if your first attempt doesn't work, try again, but with
>a fresh report - not by demanding a verification for a report that is
>old and may never have been received in the first place. Not all broadcasters
>understand the motivation behind QSLs and when they do reply it is a gesture
>of goodwill more than anything else, particularly in the case of small
>broadcasters to whom listeners overseas don't really matter a great deal.
>broadcasters in the poorer countries face a daily struggle just to stay on
>The last thing they need are demands from DXers in rich countries that their
>reception reports be answered for the sake of their hobby interest. 

I agree. I don't resend old reports, if the stations don't answer the first
time. If I don't hear the station again, I just give up. I send old reports
only when I see that I used wrong address or the station comes up with an
e-mail address. The stations aren't interested in reports as they used to
be and we can't force them to reply. These numerous follow-up copies of old
reports must be really irritating to receive at the station, and will only
cause even more negative general attitude towards reception reports.

73, Mauno
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