[HCDX]: Unid LA on 1380 a.o.
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[HCDX]: Unid LA on 1380 a.o.

Hi everybody,

on Dec 28 I heard a spanish speaking (religious?) station on 1380 kHz 
after c/d of Ondas del Mar at 0402 h with RCN Tunja in the background.
After a prayer till 0405 I heard an ID `Diferente - con mejor oponida 
alvituz ... - rebelacion radiofonica con ... vatos de potencia`. This
was followed by an US-prayer translated into Spanish.
This station heard again at 0533 with `1 y 33 ....programa madrugada 

Great condx into Venezuela at that time with 1380, 1500 and 1510 kHz 
coming in with powerful signals (O=4).

Also an unid Arab stn hrd on Dec 25 on 1467 at 0211 with Koran 

And last but not least, on Christmas Eve an English speaking religious 
station heard on 3365 at 1837 with O=3. After changing to a new tape of
my recorder I missed the ID and the stn closed down at 1840. Might this 
have been AIR Delhi with special program at that day?

Any help to ID the above stations is highly appreciated.  

73 and happy new year to all you guys!


RX:   AOR 7030+
Ant:  200 and 300 m Beverages on the ground, 240 and 270 deg
QTH:  during Christmas holidays near Erfurt, Central Germany
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