Sv: [HCDX]: Re: WRTH Mistakes
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Sv: [HCDX]: Re: WRTH Mistakes

> The big problem is, that there is no good alternative.  There is no book
> that lists SW as well as LW, MW and FM-transmitters.  And when
> only to SW the choice is difficult :

You are absolutely right. Thats why we need to give our full support to the
WRTH. It may be a "professionel" company publishing the book, but it is of
utmost value to a large group of hobbiest.

I for my own part was in touch with the editor before publishing and he was
very kind. I agrred to suppliy complete updates for Faroe Isl. and
Greenland + info on local stations in Denmark and Uganda and they were all
included. So when someone are saying that the 1999 edition is the same as
the 1998 edition they are wrong .. at least for Greenland and Faroe Isl. 

> -Klingenfuss Shortwave Guide looks very up-to-date this year (the
> Don't know for the Ute-list) but no addresses can be found in the book.
> There are also no transmissionpowers listed which is the most imported
> drawback for this book.  It gives most of the time an idea what you can
> expect from reception quality.  And I always get annoyed by his style of
> listing countries (communist undemocratic...) and ITU codes.  Of course
> there are stupid ITU codes like CLN for Sri Lanka, but Klingenfuss
> DDR (under former radiocoutries) into CUG (Communist undemocratic
> is much more stupid.  And is South Korea that kind of model of democracy
> that it can be called "Korea (Democratic Republic of)" or another
> "Taiwan (Democratic republic of China) as Klingenfuss lists them...

Yes indeed. The name of South Korea is "Republic of Korea" and Klingenfuss
changed it into "Democratic Republic of Korea". Just to show how much he
sympathize with the country. Same with Taiwan. The guy spend two full pages
in his book talking about politics and trying to defend his behaviour. What
kind of idiot is this guy??? Is he a neo-nazi or what ??  I know of noone
with a normal political beleif that insist in calling China for "China
Communist Undemocratic" every time the country is mentioned. 

> -Maybe the ILG-software fits also in this list but since we can't trust
> Friedewald since decennia, we ignore that product.

Agree !!!

Best 73's
Stig Hartvig Nielsen

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