[HCDX]: Kudos to Antenna Hungaria
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[HCDX]: Kudos to Antenna Hungaria

I posted the following story on the BDXC and MWC reflector. As it met some
interest among the DXing community I follow Mauno's suggestion and post it
as well. But first a preliminary remark:

I live in Vienna, Austria, and suffer from strong local QRM. I have to use
loops and a noise cancellor to achieve something like a very modest DX. On
Saturdays I visit my cottage on the countryside where the cx are much better.
Quite often I leave looking after the garden in favor of my NRD535 in order to
enjoy the nearly noise-free environment. It was one of those Saturday mornings
in early December when I had the following experience.

While looking for Hof/Wuerzburg 520 I noticed on 517 kHz a strong signal //
(Kossuth Radio Budapest). Continuing searching I found signals with decreasing
strength every 23 kHz, arranged symmetrically around 540, so that the spectrum
looked like this:
494 - 517 - 540 - 563 - 586. My first thought was that there was a fault in
front end of my receiver as Budapest comes with about S9 + 40 here in this
of Austria.

When I came home to Vienna in the afternoon I immediately tested the same
frequencies with my Drake R8B - the same effect, but not so strong,
Budapest is
S9 + 20 here. A further test a few days later showed that the phenonemon still
existed, only the frequencies had slightly shifted to 516 and 564. As I had
always thought that official broadcasters were very concerned about the
spectral purity of their signals I sent an e-mail to Magyar Radio Budapest and
reported my findings.

Just a few days later came the reply (I didn't ask for permission, but I'm
they don't mind quoting it here):


Dear Sir,

My name is Narancsik Mihály, I am working at the Quality Assurance 
Department of Antenna Hungária Co. I received your E-Mail from Mr. Fûszfás 
who is working at Magyar Rádió. 
Antenna Hungária Co. transmits the programmes of Magyar Rádió. Our 
transmitting station at Solt transmits the programme of Kossuth Rádió on 540 
kHz. The peak carrier power is 2MW, which is Dynamic Carrier Controlled. 
Reacting on your observation, we examined the problem and we found the 
reason of the trouble. The staff of the transmitting station at Solt 
repaired the defective unit during the night of 05.12. 

Thank you for your valuable monitoring information

Narancsik Mihály 
narancsikm@xxxxxxx <<mailto:narancsikm@xxxxxxx>mailto:narancsikm@xxxxxxx> 


A very positive example of how a big broadcaster reacts on a complaint from a
DXer, isn't it ?

73, Hubert 

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