[HCDX]: Loggings
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[HCDX]: Loggings


6245 R Tirana (tent.) 1900, hard to identify this one due to ute QRM though
tentatively heard R Tirana identification in what could have been Albanian?
this channel was checked several times but ute was too dominant. Ormandy Feb


7500 R Bulgaria 1900, good signal in Bulgarian //7545. Ormandy Feb 16

7535 R Bulgaria 1800, fair signal in French though ute QRM from USB, clearer
on // 7545 which was slightly weaker. 7535 went into German at 1900 and 7545
into Bulgarian. Ormandy Feb 19


5090 CPBS Beijing, 1906, best signal on 60 mb at this time with Chinese
opera music. Ormandy Feb 19


7525 Hrvatski R, 1900, id then brief announcement in Croatian followed by 5
minutes of English news by female announcer. Site presumed to be Deanovec.
Ormandy Feb 18


13720 R Habana, 2040 fair signal in English with Central and South American
news. Ormandy Feb 20


7550 R Korea Int. 1900, poor-fair signal in Arabic, //6480 was weaker.
Ormandy Feb 16


11530 Wings of Hope 2030, weak with orchestral music leading up to the
half-hour then identification and more music. Ormandy Feb 20


15240 VOA (location unknown), 2000, fair with "VOA Africa" news program,
//15580 was much stronger. Ormandy Feb 19


15315 R Nederland 2008, very good signal with English news program, in // to
11655 which was good in comparison. Ormandy Feb 20


7505 R Pyongyang 1900, fair-good in Russian though het was present from CPBS
China 7504. Ormandy Feb 18


12160 WWCR 2030, fair signal, program on speed-healing techniques. Notable
lift in upper spectrum signals from USA at this time of the day/year, i.e.
9:30 am NZ Daylight time in the middle of Summer, with signals from the US
strong all day at present. Not parallel to 15685 which was carrying religion
and 13845 running Dr. Gene Scott. Ormandy Feb 20

15460 WHRA 2005, good signal with identification then syndicated religious
program. Ormandy Feb 20

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