[HCDX]: EDXC Conference 1999
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[HCDX]: EDXC Conference 1999



We have the pleasure of announcing that the annual Conference of the
European DX Council  will this year be held in Copenhagen, Denmark at the
weekend 05-07 November. The venue will be Hotel Eremitage, a very nice
conference hotel situated 11 kms north of the city and well reachable with
commuter trains and buses. The conference will be organized together by
the Danish Short Wave Club International and the EDXC headquarters.

The conference programme is under construction, but the preliminary agenda
is as follows:

Friday, the 5th of November
19.00 An informal get-together meeting in the hotel lobby.

Saturday, the 6th of November
10.00 Excursions in the city, possible targets are the new Telemuseum and
the Radio House. 
13.00 Lunch on your own.
14.00 The meeting session with EDXC Annual Meeting followed by
discussions, presentations, competitions and other additional items.
19.00 The EDXC Banquet Dinner.

Sunday, the 7th of November
10.00 Programme not yet fixed, a possibility for another excursion etc.
12.00 Conclusion of the conference.

As you see most of the programme concentrates on Saturday, so you can even
visit this meeting on daily basis then. But we hope that as many as
possible choose to stay from Friday to Sunday, as we have been able to
organize rather cheap prices from the hotel: one night in single room 515
DKK or one night in double room 370 DKK/per person. This is with the
condition that everybody with hotel reservation is requested to
participate in the Banquet Dinner plus afternoon coffee  costing 260 DKK.
We haven't fixed the conference fee yet, as it depends a bit on the number
of participants and also on what conference facilities we are going to
need, but this will be 200 DKK as a maximum (hopefully clearly less than

Those of you who receive the Euro DX magazine, please note that the
information above differs from that published in Euro DX. This is the
current information, and should any changes appear,  it will be updated in
the edxc e-mail list.

All hotel reservations must be made before Friday 3rd of September at the
latest, and they are binding. The reservations should be made to secretary 
general Risto Vähäkainu on e-mail risto.vahakainu@xxxxxxxxxxx, telephone
office +358-9-191 23133 or GSM +358-50-529 2909, fax +358-9-191 22180 or
write to EDXC, Box 214, 00101 Helsinki. And please, take your contact

If you want to know more about the hotel, they have web pages at

Reservations and private questions to risto.vahakainu@xxxxxxxxxxxx
Suggestions, proposals, public comments etc. to edxc@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Hope to see you in Copenhagen!

Best 73's

Risto Vahakainu
Secretary General
European DX Council

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