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670 KHZ- WMAQ - IL, CHICAGO, fair u/ KBOI'd carrier with wx and IDs
"WMAQ" at 0715 EDT 9/5. KBOI only w/OC (PM-OR)

740 KHZ - KVFC- CO, CORTEZ, fair mixed with KCBS.CBX after OL tune ID
"740-KVFC" at 0720 EDT 9/5 (PM-OR)

1010 KHZ - KGUY - OR, MILWAUKEE, with all male talk radio at 1659 EDT
8/31, as "K-GUY, KGUY, Milwaukee-Portland", ex KXYQ. (PM-OR

t 1430 KHZ - KGAK?? - NM, GALLUP, maybe the one w/Navajo canting at 0722
9/5 on top. (PM-OR)

1460 KHZ - KLTC - ND, DICKINSON, good on top with C&W mx and ID as "1460
KLTC" 9/5. (PM-OR)

1550 KHZ - UNID - Station coming from the East w/Gospel mx at 0730 EDT
9/5. Ideas?

1680 KHZ - WTIR - FL, Coral Gables, very good, armchair copy w/
Traveller info, full IDs and promos for station from 0352 EDT 9/4. New!
Thc to Pete Taylar for the tip. Must be on w/10 KW. (PM-OR)

Drake R8
1500' Eastern Beverage

Patrick Martin
P.O. Box  843
Seaside  OR  97138-0843
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