[HCDX]: Broadcasting in Greenland
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[HCDX]: Broadcasting in Greenland

A new book on KNR (Greenlands Radio) written by the employees and people of
the station from the beginning in 1958 was published recently. The book is
called RADIORMIUT and is a 249 page fully illustrated book in Danish,
Greenlandic and English.

Those who take an interest in broadcasting under extreme conditions (in the
high Arctics) and pioneering of creating a new radiostation in the past
would find this book very informative. Some say that these people - the
Radiormiut - not only created a radiostaton but also a nation: Greenland. 

Dont buy the book if you expect technical details about KNR (transmitter
info etc). But buy the book if you like to read a vivid describtion of the
history of KNR.

Radiormiut is published by Atuakkiorfik and the price is 249 DKK. E-mail:
>greenpub@xxxxxxxxxxx< or fax: +299 32 25 00

Best 73s
Stig Hartvig Nielsen, Denmark
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