Re: [HCDX]: Re:UTC versus local time for Latin America?
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Re: [HCDX]: Re:UTC versus local time for Latin America?

> Why can't the "world community" get settle for a day when
> the DST starts and another for when it
> ends....for example first sun in april and first sunday
> in oct.?.

That might make sense for each hemisphere (northern and
southern), but not the entire world. The northern
hemisphere countries want to go OFF DST around October,
just when southern hemisphere countries want to go ON DST.
Around April or late March, it's the opposite of that. 

DST doesn't make much senese in the tropics where length of
days are about the same all year around. Thus, not many
tropical countries go on DST. Peru is an exception. When
Peru started using DST about 8 or 10 years ago, many rural
stations continued to announce and use standard time only.
(Part of the reason is that DST doesn't make any difference
to rural peasants who live by the sun not clocks. It's more
relevant to urban life.) Of course, with some Peruvian
stations not using DST, it was confusing for DXers,
obviously, with Peruvian stations using two different time
standards. I believe DST has been more accepted and is
generally used on the air by all Peruvians now. 

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