[HCDX]: QSL received
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[HCDX]: QSL received

After 5 weeks I received a n/d standard QSL letter from Hospital Radio Yare
heard on 1350 Khz, with v/s J.D.Denny
They use a transmitter of Phoenix 50 watt with an inovonics sound processor, a
10 meter high mast, top loaded with a total estimated radiated power of 1 watt,
and operating from Caister wich is a small holiday village next to Gt yarmouth.
Radio Yare running by volunteers and operating 3 hospitals, 2 in Greath Yarmouth
and 1 in Lowestoft Suffolk.
They have received many reception reports since the px start on 27th march 99,
that's why they are using a form QSL letter.


Ruud Vos
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