Re: [HCDX]: Cabinda
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Re: [HCDX]: Cabinda

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> At 17.50 7.9.1999 -0500, you wrote:
> >>The only listings I have from reliable sources, for Cabinda, are:
> >>1570 MW 10 Kw and 4970 SW.
> >>but I've never heard them.
> >I'd think that if they were on 1570 with 10 kW, the
> >DXers on the several Newfoundland DXpeditions would
> >have logged them at or before local sunset, prior to
> >the fade-in's of the eastern Brazilians.
> And I guess in Europe, too! But what about 1278 kHz? I have seen that fq
> mentioned in connection with Cabinda, but I don't remember where.
> >Can you supply a bandscan of what you can hear on medium
> >wave

Definitely Angola on 1278 tho' I'm not sure if its Cabinda. I'll try and
listen for ID's etc.....

A RSA bandscan will be posted (to those who requested it & any others who
require it) shortly,  in the MS Excel format. I've been busy with it for a
while now and hope to have something to send out by the 13th of Sep. It
might not be totally complete by then but at least it will be of some help,
I'm sure. I'll continue with updates as I hear more station ID's. There are
quite a few new MW stations bcasting from RSA and I don't have their names
yet so I'll have to try an listen for ID's. (These were always the stations
that got in the way of the DX so I took little notice of them up to now!

Vince Stevens
Cape Town
Southern Tip of Africa
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