[HCDX]: G Hauser's SW/DX Report 99-38
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[HCDX]: G Hauser's SW/DX Report 99-38

        GLENN HAUSER'S SHORTWAVE/DX REPORT 99-38, Sept 8, 1999

{Items from this and all our reports may be reproduced and re-
reproduced only providing full credit be maintained at all stages}

THIS WEEK ON WORLD OF RADIO 1002: See topic summary at

SCHEDULE AS OF SEPTEMBER 9, 1999 [WOR unless otherwise specified]
All days and times strictly UT

Wed 1730 RFPI 21460-USB 15049 COM
Wed 2100 WBCQ 7415
Thu 0930 RFPI 15049 COM
Thu 2030 WWCR 15685
Fri 1900 RFPI 21460-USB 15049 COM
Fri 1930 RFPI 21460-USB 15049
Fri 2115 WWCR 15685 Mundo Radial
Sat 0300 RFPI 15049 6975 COM
Sat 0330 RFPI 15049 6975
Sat 1100 RFPI 15049 6975 COM
Sat 1130 RFPI 15049 6975
Sat 1130 WWCR 12160
Sat 1730 RFPI 21460-USB 15049 COM
Sat 1800 RFPI 21460-USB 15049
Sun 0130 RFPI 21460-USB 15049 6975 COM
Sun 0200 RFPI 21460-USB 15049 6975
Sun 0230 WWCR 5070
Sun 0630 WWCR 5070
Sun 0930 RFPI 15049 6975 COM
Sun 1000 RFPI 15049 6975
Sun 2300 RFPI 21460-USB 15049 6975
Mon 0500 WWCR 3210
Mon 0700 RFPI 15049 6975
Tue 1230 WWCR 15685
Tue 1900 RFPI 21460-USB 15049
Tue 2000 RFPI 21460-USB 15049 COM
Wed 0300 RFPI 15049 6975
Wed 0400 RFPI 15049 6975 COM
Wed 1100 RFPI 15049
Wed 1200 RFPI 21460-USB 15049 COM

For full schedules of WOR on all stations, including World Radio 
Network via satellite and cable see

** ALBANIA. Not the first time it's done, so -- R. Tirana, 15 min
English NAS at 0145 started late UT Sat Aug 28, and ran 5 minutes
over on 6115 and 7160 (Bob Thomas, CT, WORLD OF RADIO 1002)

** AUSTRALIA. New program on RA for next 14 weeks is "In the Pipeline"
about digitization, replacing "Democratic Nation", starting next
weekend on RA SW: Fri 1830, Sat 0530, Sun 0030, 2130; on WRN Sun 0705
(Roger Broadbent, RA Feedback Sept 4 via REVIEW OF INTERNATIONAL

** BARBADOS [non]. I keep hearing Caribbean stations on FM without even
trying. First it was WPFW's Caribbeana; now it's CANA Radio, on 89.1 
with Caribbean regional news at 0406-0414 UT Sunday Sept 5. I knew I 
was actually tuned to KMUW, Wichita, KS, expecting to hear "Rock 'n'
Roll America" as scheduled. While CANA was an interesting listen, I
finally took pity on KMUW and its other listeners and phoned their
listed number -- wonder of wonders, it was actually answered by the
operator on duty late at night on a weekend! (Too many stations don't
let listeners have such direct contact; KOSU Stillwater now screens
calls thru an answering service, and given their blatant lack of
appreciation for previous calls attempting to help them fix some
problem before they were aware of it, I rarely phone them any more...)

At first he thought he had R&RA on, but I pointed out that one 
expected to hear music. Bingo! He realized he had done something wrong
and rushed to correct it after thanking me profusely. I suppose it
was either the wrong NPR feed channel punched up, or he inadvertently
brought up after the news what was on the tail of the "Afropop 
Worldwide" tape which had just finished (Glenn Hauser, REVIEW OF

** CENTRAL AFRICAN REP. 9900 - Radio Minurca is back on this frequency.
The reception was so poor that I have to hear it on USB mode. At 19.25 
Musical prog then at 19.30 talk in French. Centre Afrique has been 
mentioned many times then probably the same message in English, then 
followed by a debate on politics in Af lang with some French words
Such as Programme, Afrique Joeux Noel as well as ...... "presente par
Radio Minurca". At 20.10 the debate was still on. (Mahendra Vaghjee, 
Mauritius, Sep 5, WORLD OF RADIO 1002)

** CHINA [non]. Voice of China broadcasts from Taiwan. It uses 
transmitters which at other times carry broadcasts from Taiwan's 
Central Broadcasting System (CBS, responsible for Taiwanese external 
broadcasts). Voice of China is reportedly operated by an organization 
called Foundation for China in the 21st Century and announces an 
address in California, USA. The radio was first observed in April 1991.
A previously reported transmission at 2100-2200 GMT on 15280 kHz is
currently unconfirmed. Known schedule: 0830-0930 daily to As in 
Mandarin on 11940 (BBC Monitoring Sept 8 condensed by Hauser for
World of Radio 1002)

** CUBA. Despite all the derision aimed their way, the dentro-cubano
commie jammers are STILL bubbling against Voz Cristiana, 21500, at 1351
check Sept 6, the two about equal level; VC much weaker here than on
//21550. "Spanish on a R. Marti frequency? Must BE R. Marti. Jam the
** ECUADOR. HCJB was its own worst enemy during DX Partyline UT Sun
Sept 5 at 0110: 9745 had intermittent heavy crackling noise -- STL
problem? 12015 was grossly undermodulated with crackling also audible; 
21455-USB was off the air or inaudible. The situation exacerbated the 
low-audio-quality phone interview with Don Moore. 

Then Sept 6 at 1839, noted 21470 in Czech/Slovak had unstable warbling
carrier. Interference with the program modulation itself sounded worse
on the analog ICF-5900W where I first noted it in bandscan, than when
also checked on the digital ATS-909; why would this be? (Glenn Hauser,

** GERMANY. DW Nauen: Open Door Day on DW / DTK Nauen tx site. Sep 12, 
1999, 0800-1400 UTC, means 1000-1600 LT CEST. Site was founded in 1906, 
now housing 4 x 500 kW Telefunken tx and revolving Asea Thomson 
antennas. Guided tours by DW and DTK personnel. No entrance fee.

Nauen is situated 25 kms west of Berlin. Shuttle service to and from
Nauen railway station. (Thomas Kubaczewski via Hans-Joachim Brustmann, 
Germany, Aug 31, BC-DX via WORLD OF RADIO 1002)

** GERMANY. The nearby village of "Valley" located next to Holzkirchen, 
Bavaria tx site of IBB/RFE/RL/VoA/RFA US broadcasting organizations, 
will impeaching against US govt at the Federal Court in Washington.

[About health concerns near the RFE/RL transmitters at Holzkirchen:
The locality is calling on the US government to shut them down, since
cancer rate is double near them, and breast cancer quadruple. -- 
Summary of AP story in German, dateline Muenchen, via Martin Schoech, 

** IRELAND [non]. RTE via Merlin, 6155, UT Sun Sept 5 at 0143 check
instead had EWTN (Joe Hanlon, PA) We tuned in and sure enough, again
at 0148 IS and ID for "EWTN Global Catholic Radio" but not // WEWN
in English on 5825 (7425 was in Spanish). Reception too poor here to
tell if a feed mixup, or deliberate RTE programming, but at 0155 an
Irish accent was back with "Radio One" ID; off at usual 0159:30* (Glenn
Hauser, WORLD OF RADIO 1002)

** MADAGASCAR [non]. Tamil Oli Radio, 17495, would have had fair 
reception even here Sept 8 at 1138 if RN's own Indonesian audio //17580 
had not been mixing, confirmed by RN ID in Indonesian at 1139 and usual 
news stingers same as in English. At first the mixing level was about 
equal, which was bad enough, but by 1142 RN was louder than Tamil Oli
on 17495. Both continued past 1200, as times of the transmissions 
coincide. This was not a 2B-A mixing product since there was no
transmission on 17665, but some other kind of mixing at the transmitter
site. Nor was it receiver-produced cross-modulation as signals were too
weak and same situation found on multiple receivers, antennas including
internal. With its trans-equatorial advantage, 17580 was the strongest 
signal on the band, even tho beamed nowhere near our direction, and 
strength of 17495 quite a bit lower as to be expected from the lower 
power; both with considerable fading. Tuning USB or LSB was no help -- 
no way for me, or the poor Tamils, to get rid of RN's own interference. 
Is anybody monitoring this in Hilversum or Talata? We then advised Andy
Sennitt; 24 hours later reception was too poor to tell what was 

** MONGOLIA. Glenn,

AsiaLink is nothing more, and nothing less, than a directory of Web
Sites; it is certainly not intended to be a structured/compiled listing 
of "actual schedules", as you are of course aware. Or are you...? If 
information given in those sites is out of date, or inaccurate, then I 
suggest that you direct your criticisms to the organisation, and not to 
AsiaLink! Only then will the host organisations get the message.

The Web site listed is the official page maintained by VOM, and your
criticism of Mick's efforts is unwarranted.

The alternative Web page to which you refer is
which is identical to that Mick has listed. That latter site is also
listed by BBCM.

A third page is http://www.magicnet.mn which is the unnofficial site,
and commercially sponsored, with no relevant external broadcasting 
service details shown. It is in Mongolian known as "Mongolia On Line" 
with no English sub-pages.

The tone of your remarks is a little unsettling, implying that AsiaLink
is indicating incorrect sites, when it is not.

The sked given in the VOM site is months outdated, but that is not our
concern as it is not claimed that CONTENT of listed sites is 100%
correct!! Tell the people at VOM, not us!

Suggest that you publish these remarks in your next release.

(Bob Padula, Australia)

Of course, AsiaLink can not be held responsible for incorrect info
on the sites it links to! But the AsiaLink publicity perhaps was a bit 
excessive, as was our reaction, since it said (*emphasis added*)

"How often have you wanted to quickly call up the *latest* external 
schedule of your favourite shortwave broadcaster... Unlike some other 
lists, AsiaLink does not consist of empty "shells", nor of old, non-
working, or *outdated* links!"

Well, in the case of Mongolia, as I have pointed out, you do NOT
get the "latest external schedule" as suggested! So AsiaLink perhaps
should annotate the Mongolia link with "outdated info" or some such.
I checked the angelfire site Bob indicates above and found:

                      YES, I KNOW IT'S OUT OF DATE...


         East Asia      0900-0930 15170
         Australia      1230-1300 12085
         South Asia     1500-1530 9720, 12085
         Europe         1930-2000 9720, 12085"

Tho it didn't show on this download, I recall that the "last updated"
date was in 1997! And the schedule above looks at least that old. This
is the site run by Mark Ostrowski, who I think works (or once worked)
at VOM. At least he admits his info is wrong, right up front, unlike
the other site! All the other VOM languages appear too, but you'd think 
it would not be such an impossible task for VOM to keep posted its
latest correct schedule at least for a few broadcasts in English. VOM 
is the self-defeating villain here, not AsiaLink (Glenn Hauser)

** NORWAY. NRK's new frequency manager replacing Olav Grimdalen from 
Nov will be Mr. Ohta, a Japanese-Norwegian (Joe Hanlon, REVIEW OF

** RUSSIA. VOR confirmed on 7180 Sept 7 0100, replacing 9665. Very good 
reception here. Also noted that the summer afternoon (1700-2100) freq 
of 11675 has been replaced by 7300, which was not propagating on Sept 
6. (Ivan Grishin, Ont., Sept 8, WORLD OF RADIO 1002)


The International Amateur Radio Union Region 1, in co-operation with 
the South African Radio League's Amateur Radio Mirror International,  
will be celebrating World Amateur Radio Day on 18 September 1999 with a
special programme broadcast on short-wave.
The transmissions are sponsored by Sentech, the common carrier of
broadcast signals in South Africa.
The programme will be dedicated to the celebration of amateur radio
successes in digital communication.
Date: Saturday 18 September 1999  
1300-1400 UTC
100 kW   Omni              11790 kHz   Southern Africa
250 kW   Array 019 degrees 15150 kHz   Central/East Africa
250 kW   Array 342 degrees 21670 kHz   West Africa/Europe
1905-1955 UTC
100 kW   Omni               3215 kHz   Southern Africa
250 kW   Array 019 degrees 11860 kHz   Central/East Africa
500 kW   Array 335 degrees 15250 kHz   West Africa/Europe
The transmissions are likely to be heard far outside the antenna beam
Reception reports are invited:
QSL address: P O Box 1842, Hillcrest 3650 South Africa.
Please include 2 IRC's to cover postage
Email: sarlnews@xxxxxxxxxxxxx (via Andre du Toit, hard-core-dx, Sept 7)

** SPAIN. REE had Spanish language lessons for Arabs, with text about
Casablanca, a suitably Spanish/Arab city, at 1843 check Sept 6 on 
21610, punctuated by frequent arpeggii. By concentrating on this in
reverse, one might apprehend a little Arabic (Glenn Hauser, REVIEW OF

** U K O G B A N I. On European Heritage Day, September 18th, thousands 
of buildings are open and free to the public.  One of the 500 buildings 
in London participating is BBC Bush House in Aldwych, home of the World
Service since 1940 though built in the 1920s by American architects 
Helmle and Corbett. Tours are every 30 minutes 10 am to 4pm local, 
numbers are limited all according to the Sunday Times 29th August.  I 
think the tour may concentrate more on the architecture rather than the 
World Service's use of the building but should still be of interest.
(Mike Barraclough, England, Aug 31, REVIEW OF INTERNATIONAL 

** U K O G B A N I. BBC WS previews for the rest of September:

China's Long March, from 1934 to the founding of the PRC a sesquidecade
later with Philip Short. Six parts: 1) Jiangxi, where CP cadres are now
having to adjust to market forces. 2) Fujian, a remote village where  
Mao first used Stalinist blood purge methods; how legal system is now
changing. 3) Yunnan, Guizhou, and the return of foreign investment. 
4) Sichuan, most populous province; across the countryside to see what
is happening in rural China today. 5) Shensi, least-developed region
on difficulty of raising living standards. 6) What may lie ahead for
China in the next 50 years. 

6 x 30 min from Sept 11: AE Mon 1830, Tue 0430-Am -- BUT, due to
Millennium Concert Sept 11, the first 1830 airing will be on Tue Sept
14 this week only instead of Omnibus. Af Sun 1930 (but Sept 12 only
at 2100 instead due to Millennium Concert), Wed 1430; As Sat 2330, Sun
1830, Tue 0730, 1430-S. [Great way to premiere a series -- at special
times not to be repeated subsequent weeks!]

The Millennium Concerts, the first of 10 approximately monthly, with 
the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, under Richard Hickox, for the first
UKOGBANI public performance of Sir Thomas Beecham's colourful version 
of Handel's Messiah. Introduced by acclaimed author Vikram Seth. First
performed in 1959, two years before Beecham's death, the orchestration
calls for full symphony orchestra with a large percussion section --
Beecham said his aim was for a `glorious and crashing noise' - but it
was written just as such large scale formats were going out of fashion.

Controversy has recently surrounded this version of the Messiah. 
History has it that Sir Thomas Beecham commissioned Sir Eugene Goossens
to orchestrate this version but whether or not the final version was
entirely Goossens or incorporated the works of others is disputed.

With the RPO is the London Philharmonic Choir, and the Philharmonia
Chorus, with soloists Janice Watson, Catherine Wyn-Rogers, Anthony
Rolfe Johnson and Matthew Best.

***Now the bad news: BBC doesn't bother to broadcast this to NAm!***

Messiah for the Millennium, two sesquihour parts Sept 12-14: AE/Af
Part 1 Sun Sept 12 1830-live; Parts 2 and 3 Mon Sept 13 1830; As Part
1 Mon Sept 13 1130-E, 1500-S; Parts 2 and 3 Tue Sept 14 1130-E, 1500-S.
Live to Eu/ME/Af on special frequency 12095. [also pt 2/3, not live??]
(BBC Press Office via Hauser, excerpted from REVIEW OF INTERNATIONAL

Waveguide: this month, coverage of the NAB convention in Orlando. From
Sept 18: AE Sat 1730, Sun 0045, 0905, 2105; Af Sun 1045; As Sat 0005-S, 
Sun 0645, 1230, Mon 0905.

My Century. First-person accounts; different theme each week. In the
order given, so dates as we presume them:

Sept 6-10: The Inheritors: experiences of indigenous people since 1900,
including reindeer herder, Australian Aborigines.

Sept 13-17: Ingenious Inventions: washing machine, refrigerator, credit

Sept 20-24: Still Lives: photography. How Stalin tried to change 
history; amidst the Sharpsville Massacre; witness to the death of Che

Sept 27-Oct 1: My Hero: Gandhi's grandson; Nasser's daughter; JFK's
Secretary of State; Princess Di's only woman photographer in her royal 
press corps.

AE M-F 0655, Tue-Sat 0055; Af M-F 0755, 2255; As M-F 0615, 2155.

Weekly half-hour compilations: AE Sat 0530 [but not on PRI relays!
which include Letter from America at 0534], Sun 0920, Mon 0030. 
Af Sat 1230; As Sat 1130.

The Works: Holidays in Space, week of Sept 16: AE Thu 0835, 1405, 1905,
Fri 0030; Af Thu 0805, 1405, 2230; As Thu 0005-S, 0120-E, 0635, 1405, 

(BBC On Air via Chris Hambly, exerpted by gh from much more extensive

** U S A. Someone asked me recently if WRNO was currently active. 
Well, it was UT Sun Sept 5, tnx to Joe Hanlon tip, but off-frequency
7354.3v at 0145 with LSU football; weak, carrier unstable.
        Another sighting of WRNO! Must be them, weak with big hum,
undermodulated (thank god) Brother Stair, unstable carrier around
7394.3v at 1253 past 1405 Sept 6; matches same offset from 7355 in
previous logging. Don't frequency deviation standards apply any more
to US SW stations? (Glenn Hauser, WORLD OF RADIO 1002)

** U S A. Notes from Al Weiner Worldwide, UT Sat Sept 4 on 7415,
which this week ran two hours, as a replacement for Album Zone at
0100 had not been decided -- he's offered that hour to The Right
Perspective (now at 0200), and if they don't want it, to Fred
Flintstone. Another program gone because sponsor withdrew is Saturday
Morning Confusion, so Sat 4-6 pm EDT is available too. Uncle Ed's
Musical Memories is gone from Mon and Wed 4-5 pm, but his Amos & Andy
recreations remain at midnight weeknights. Rates run $50 to $60 for
an hour, $35 for half an hour. Al doesn't like to deal in UT, so the
producer of Pagan Potpourri had to call in and point out that she is
on Fridays at 4:30 pm CDT, not just "5:30 pm" which was EDT. (Glenn

** U S A. 7414.78 - WBCQ  off frequency, with ID at 0300 with only poor 
to fair reception. Can't be anywhere near the normal 50 Kw, even 
considering propagation. Did suffer from cochannel interference from 
Norway. (Volodya Salmaniw, BC, 5 Sept, WORLD OF RADIO 1002)

** U S A. Subject: WBCQ Transmitter failure

We were not on the air last night due to the failure of a damping diode
in the transmitter on Friday night.  A backup transmitter was put into
service at about 9:15PM on Saturday night with about 3Kw. Some make-do 
repairs were done to the main transmitter to have it up with something 
like 10Kw on Sunday. (Big Steve Coletti, Sept 6, WORLD OF RADIO 1002)

** U S A. From WBCQ Central  

Dear Glenn, As we approach our 1st anniversity tommorrow I thought I 
would mention to you a few comments.

It has been a fun year. Shortwave broadcasting is a wonderful
alternative and as a shortwave broadcaster it is exciting to bring all 
kind of different programs to the air. From Brother Stair to Radio New 
York International, the differing opinions are the spice of life. Also 
I have met and spoken with many people who love the art of radio and 
free expression, and I am honored to be able to help them obtain access 
to the airwaves the best I can. There are many more different programs 
to come.

The first year did not go by without a few bumps. The betrayal of 
myself and the station by my former operations manager cut me to the  
heart and a few programmers have stiffed the station on their bills 
(mostly religous clients). Technically, all has run smoothly even 
though On Friday September 3 at 11:55pm EDT the main transmitter lost 
its modulator damper diode and we scrounged around this holiday 
weekend and rigged in a bunch of WWII radar damper tubes which work 
just great and glow ever so nicely. Harris transmitter wanted $5200.00 
for a diode!!

So I look forward to another year of doing what I love the most - 
radio. We are working on WBCQ-TWO, a second transmitter and antenna. 
This time a frequency agile one feeding into a 700 foot rhombic. 
Programming will hopefully go to a single network or programmer.

I do my best to bring as diverse and intresting shows to WBCQ. It isn't
easy. Many true alternative producers just do not have any money. I
like to give programs gratis time but the electrical costs to run this 
beast are gasthy. Many former "pirates" are now on WBCQ getting their 
message and music out without worrying about getting busted, losing all 
their equipment, and getting fined. I feel real good about that as I 
was there - did that!.

Our station is a small family operation with myself, Elayne Star who
runs the office, Tom Barna who runs the transmitter site, and the 
Timtron (Tim Smith) engineer extrodineer. WBCQ is the best radio I have 
ever done and I thank all who listen and run programs on the station.

Glenn, happy 1000, yours is a great service to a medium that is still
the easiest to access and still offers so much varity . What other
communications medium can you tune in the planet, just about anywhere,
using equipment from a shortwave radio bought new for $8.00 from Odd 
Job Discount, to a glowing box, warming your bedroom in the winter.

Be well - all the best for another 1000! 

(Allan H. Weiner, WBCQ Radio, Sept 7, via Hauser)


Wonder if Expedia knows about McCaysville, GA. Sundstrom's piece
referred to WGTG as being in "northwest Georgia" and I neglected to
change that in reading on WOR but changed it to "northeast" in last
GH DX report; but check any map, and you see it almost exactly at the 
midpoint of Georgia's northern boundary, where North Carolina/Tennessee 
boundary abuts. Worse, I have seen a SW transmitter site map -- was it 
WRTH or somewhere on the web? showing WGTG too far west actually in the 
NW corner of Georgia (Glenn Hauser, REVIEW OF INTERNATIONAL 

** U S A. Brother Stair is starting earlier and earlier on WRMI, 7465.
Instead of Wavescan UT Sat 0415, after racist Herald of Truth, up 
comes B.S.; and I think I noticed him another night already at 0400.
Is the world a better place because of this? Is shortwave better 
because of this? Is WRMI better because of this? Who gives a damn? 

** U S A. WRMI ran three Wavescans in a row last Saturday night, UT Sun
Aug 29 0330-0500 on 7465 (Joe Hanlon, PA) Not this week, with Scream
of the Butterfly at 0400-0500, but maybe one Wavescan at 0330? (Glenn

** U S A. WRNU, 1700, 0000-0300+ Sept 3. No more tape loop. Heard with 
regular "all sports" programming with news about the Miami Dolphins and 
other sports news. Fair-good. Many IDs only as "1700, the fan". At top 
of each hour announced: "1700, the fan. WRNU Miami Springs, Miami, Fort
Lauderdale." (Brian Alexander, PA, WORLD OF RADIO 1002)

** U S A. Despite all the to-do about KFS and other Globe Wireless
stations closing down a few weeks ago, I heard on 22377.7 around 1850
Sept 7, 6 dashes and "KFS" repeated. The dashes warbled a bit and may 
have actually contained some intelligence (Glenn Hauser, REVIEW OF



That's easy -- everyone knows it's hoe-ZAY ! So think a lot of people
who should know better, including radio and TV newscasters on a national
and international level.

As in Jose Ramos Horta, again in the news of East Timor. Sure, it must
be a Portuguese name, but it's just like Spanish!

NO, it isn't! Of the four letters in this word, only the O is more or
less the same as in Spanish. 

First of all, the S in Spanish is almost always, including here,
pronounced as an S, not a Z. Vowels are not diphthongized as they are
in English, so it's "ho-SAY" without the Y, and the J is harder than
just an H. In the International Phonetic Alphabet, which I can't fully
and properly convey here, it would be [xo'se]. The apostrophe indicates
stress of the FOLLOWING syllable.

If you pronounce the S as a Z, you're already 1/4 of the way to proper
Portuguese pronunciation. But the J is a ZH sound just like in French.
And the E with an acute accent on it is stressed and very short, not
long as in Spanish. So Mr. Ramos Horta's first name is: "zho-ZEH". 

But Jose has been extremely Anglicized (or "Indianized") in the case
of Jose Jacob, the DXer in India who must be of Portuguese extraction.
I've heard his name consistently pronounced by Adrian Peterson of AWR
Wavescan, who lived in India, and presumably knew or even met him, as
one syllable "DZHOZE", rhymes with "chose" (Glenn Hauser, REVIEW OF


You can make $25 million and still have no idea how to pronounce this 
major waterfall. If you're Paul Harvey on Labor Day you pronounce it 
ee-GUAT-soo instead of ee-gwa-SOO. In  this case, Portuguese and 
Spanish pronounce it just about the same, but Portuguese spelling has a 
C with cedilla and the unmarked stress automatically goes on the final 
U. In Spanish, it's usually spelled with a -zu, accent on the U. Older 
Portuguese style had it -ssu (ibid.)                               ###

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