Re: [HCDX]: RSA bandscan
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Re: [HCDX]: RSA bandscan

At 20.37 9.9.1999 +0200, you wrote:
>A RSA bandscan will be posted (to those who requested it & any others who
>require it) shortly,  in the MS Excel format. I've been busy with it for a
>while now and hope to have something to send out by the 13th of Sep. It
>might not be totally complete by then but at least it will be of some help,
>I'm sure. I'll continue with updates as I hear more station ID's. There are
>quite a few new MW stations bcasting from RSA and I don't have their names
>yet so I'll have to try an listen for ID's. (These were always the stations
>that got in the way of the DX so I took little notice of them up to now!

Hi Vince,
	is it ready, I'd be very pleased to receive a copy.

73, Mauno
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