Re: [HCDX]: Radio Australia relays
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Re: [HCDX]: Radio Australia relays

"Jary, Richard P" <Richard.P.Jary@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Nigel Holmes of Radio Australia has confirmed that they have
purchased time
> off Merlin Communications to give better coverage into Indonesia
during the
> East Timor crisis. At this time there is only one broadcast
being relayed,
> with further transmissions (possibly using the Singapore
factility) also
> being looked at.
> The current broadcast is from 2300-0000 UT on 11550 kHz, 250 kW
205 degrees
> HR 2/2/1 array. RA Indonesian directed to central & western
Indonesia (NOT
> east Indonesia in the first incidence). The broadcasts are 7
days per week
> and will run for at least six months.

RDP (Radiodifusao Portuguesa) broadcasts to East Timor on this
same frequency, from 1000-1100 UTC and from 2200-2300 UTC. It
certainly is the same transmitter.


Fernando de Sousa Ribeiro
Oporto, Portugal
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