[HCDX]: ADMIN: no more off-topic
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[HCDX]: ADMIN: no more off-topic

Hi all,

It's my time to step ahead again because it looks like some off-topics are
overheating on HCDX again. It's time to put stop on that. Isn't it 
wonderful that this isn't rec.radio.shortwave and I can do that?

Don Moore has been one of the best contributors to HCDX over the years.
I am always happy to pass his contributions to the list - usually even without
reading them first because I know they always fit the requirements of the 
HCDX and offers the best the list. And I want to keep it that way.

What differs HCDX from rec.radio.shortwave is that we intend to keep the 
discussions on high noise-to-information level and voices low. Moises 
Corilloclla offered some inside views to Don's email which is HCDX as it's
best - it's wonderful that we have such members as him from countries many
of us consider as one of the most interesting listening targets. He wasn't
careful with his words but I consider it forgiven and hope him to provide
valuable insight views to HCDX community also in the future and make this 
list even more valuable to all of us.

I want to thank Don and Moises for their contributions and certainly consider
both of them very valuable members of the Hard-Core-DX. We have a lot
to achieve here and only way to make this list even better is to do it in
peace. Keep up good work, all of you!

I'm taking further meta-discussions about this off from the list. If you 
wish to comment feel free to do so but please do it directly to me 
(risto@xxxxxxxxxxxxx). I won't approve any emails about this discussion to 
the HCDX anymore.


Risto Kotalampi
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