[HCDX]: info on KFEZ 1340, KLGN 1390 and KLBB 1400 needed
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[HCDX]: info on KFEZ 1340, KLGN 1390 and KLBB 1400 needed

Does anyone have reliable contact information for the following U.S. AM

- KFEZ Kansas City KS 1340 kHz; tel listed as (913) 342-1600 and 342-1340
- KLGN Logan UT 1390 kHz; tel listed as (435) 752-1390
- KLBB St. Paul MN 1400 kHz; tel numbers listed as (651) 603-5700, 603-5720,
341-1720 and 333-1400 

I tried the above-mentioned telephone numbers, from various sources
(including NRC AM Radio Log 19th ed), none of which worked. I suspect their
postal addresses may have changed as well. Also, if anyone has recent
v/s-information on these or e-mail addresses, all would be welcome. None of
these three has responded to my reception reports.

Mika Makelainen
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