[HCDX]: 1470 Peru
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[HCDX]: 1470 Peru


It seems that  Cadena Peruana de Noticias comes in on 1470 kHz also on
receivers with nonsophisticated antena systems. I heard it on September 14
just for afew minutes and today on September 16 for a longer time:
0325-0340 and 0421-0450. The best SINPO rating during these periods was
24433. About 0340 TWR put on its carrier and after a few minutes the
intervall signal on 1467 kHz causing heavy interference to 1470 kHz. During
the second period the interference was again no more noticeable. I didn't
hear a complete ID but all the details including time announcements left no
doubt about the station I heard. 

Do anybody know something about the history of this station? I didn't find
it for instance in the 1986 WRTH and in the 1993 WRTH the station carried
the name "Antena 1, Lima"

Erich Bergmann
QTH: 49°18' 25'' north, 10°34' 23'' east
rx: SONY 2001 D; antena: built-in ferrite bar
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