Re: [HCDX]: 1470 Peru
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Re: [HCDX]: 1470 Peru

>It seems that  Cadena Peruana de Noticias comes in on 1470 kHz also on
>receivers with nonsophisticated antena systems. I heard it on September 14
>just for afew minutes and today on September 16 for a longer time:
>0325-0340 and 0421-0450. The best SINPO rating during these periods was
>24433. About 0340 TWR put on its carrier and after a few minutes the
>intervall signal on 1467 kHz causing heavy interference to 1470 kHz. During
>the second period the interference was again no more noticeable. I didn't
>hear a complete ID but all the details including time announcements left no
>doubt about the station I heard.
>Do anybody know something about the history of this station? I didn't find
>it for instance in the 1986 WRTH and in the 1993 WRTH the station carried
>the name "Antena 1, Lima"
>Erich Bergmann

yes, Erich is right. CPN Lima 1470 is audible also here in the Czech
Republic almost daily now before the Sunrise (0440 UTC).
I heard this station last weekend at our club´s DX Camp in north-west part
of the C.R. near Usti nad Labem. One morning we climbed a hill (720 m above
sea level) to watch the Sunrise and we had only 15 m (45 ft.) of wire with
us together with LOWE HF-150 receiver. It was interesting to watch a weak
signal of CPN which faded out exactly at the moment when the first part of
the Sun´s disc appeared on the horizont.
CPN has longer periods without any ID (20 minutes or so) sometimes but then
come periods when there is one ID (or slogan) after another. The most
frequent ID is "CPN".


Karel Honzik,
the Czech Republic
in the heart of Europe
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