Re: [HCDX]: Vatican Radio on 527 kHz
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Re: [HCDX]: Vatican Radio on 527 kHz


At 21.21 15/09/99 +0200, Aart Rouw wrote:
>With a certain regularity I can receive Vatican Radio on 527 kHz. At my QTH, reception is often spoilt by splashes from Switzerland on nearby 531. Trying to get a clearer signal by listening in LSB mode, I have noticed that the LSB signal is apparently absent (or considerably reduced). USB is OK. Does someone know if indeed Vatican Radio transmits in a carrier + USB mode on this frequency ? If so, why ? (it seems more logical to take a carrier + LSB mode to avoid interference from 531).

The lower side band is there, but with weaker audio than the USB side of the signal, so probably LSB is harder to hear at distance (for me this station is a daytimer). I don't know whether it's a technical problem or just a way to keep the station within the MW band lower limit.




Fabrizio Magrone, Forli', Italy  (JRC NRD-535, 30m lw)
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