Re: [HCDX]: Big line-up of UNID's
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Re: [HCDX]: Big line-up of UNID's

At 15.12 27.10.1999 +0300, you wrote:
>During past two weeks I've heard following UNID's.  Please help!
>2: 9704.20 kHz, 17th Oct at 0300 UTC; Sign on after interval signals.
Three chimes and then ID: 'Huni Radio Jostya'.  Probably African. Words
'Salem Aleikum' and 'Afrika' heard. Might be Ethiopia, but the ID is
nothing like what described in WRTH '99.

Most probably Ethiopia. Maybe the language wasn't Amharic but something
else. Maybe Mahendra Vaghjee from Mauritius could help with this?

>3: 4875 kHz; 19th Oct at 0405 UTC; Western rock music and talks in
language >resembling (but not being) Russian. Must be irregular, because
not logged since. >Might be Dusheti,Georgia. Radio Khara logged here, but
what is it? A new name of >Georgian radio?   

I think it is R Khara. It is supposed to be on the air only Tuesdays and
Fridays 04-0435. I always thought of it as a private station using the
transmitter of Georgian Radio, but maybe it's a clandestine operation
towards Abkhasia or something like that.

>5: 4431.68 kHz; 26th Oct at 2250 UTC; non-stop music like 'Island In The
Sun', Moonlight Serenade' , but mostly songs that resembled Swedish dance
band music! Pirate? Bolivian stations in the neighborhood were coming with
good signals, but I don't think this is from SA.

I just (1815) checked the fq and I can hear such music. Probably a pirate
from Europe.

Interesting stations but sorry, not much "definite" help!

73, Mauno 
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