[HCDX]: UNID on 4431
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[HCDX]: UNID on 4431

On 27 Oct 99, at 21:40, Mauno Ritola wrote:

Hello all,

> >5: 4431.68 kHz; 26th Oct at 2250 UTC; non-stop music like 'Island In
> >The Sun', Moonlight Serenade' , but mostly songs that resembled Swedish
> >dance band music! Pirate? Bolivian stations in the neighborhood were
> >coming with good signals, but I don't think this is from SA.
> I just (1815) checked the fq and I can hear such music. Probably a
> pirate from Europe.

Same station observed here in Groningen (northern part of the 
Netherlands) with a Lowe HF-225 and a loop-type antenna out on 
the balcony.  Listened from today 30 October from 2200 - 2240 and 
heard non-stop dansband music, with a song by Carola and 
Swedish versions of 'Nikita' and 'Dedicated Follower of Fashion', 
and 'Island in the Sun' by a lady at 2240.  Signal quite weak, but 
relatively good modulation.

What's this then?  Free radio from Aaland?  Music for Swedish 
fishermen from a deserted oil platform?  Is the signal strong in a 
particular area of Sweden?

MvH/best 73s
Wian Stienstra
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