[HCDX]: IRCA's AM DX NewsFlash - 10/28/99
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[HCDX]: IRCA's AM DX NewsFlash - 10/28/99

           WELCOME TO IRCA's AM-DX NEWSFLASH  -  October 28 1999
                             Vol 5  No 30

                   IRCA's web site... check it out!!
Deadline for next issue = THURSDAY, November 11 1999 @ 1400 UTC


 Send all contributions to me @ philip_bytheway@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

"**" denotes that the tip/info/etc. came from the IRCA egroup, and you 
must be a member of IRCA to subscribe to the egroup at 
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CONVENTION - MEETING INFO (corrections/additions welcome)

 CPC DX tests


CPC Chairperson (IRCA) - Lynn Hollerman - gmhollerman@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

     11/ 7/99 Sun - 0100-0130 -  560 - WGAI - Elizabeth City NC (IRCA)
     11/ 7/99 Sun - 0200-0700 -  560 - KMON - Great Falls MT (IRCA)
*     1/ 1/00 Sat - 0300-???? - 1420 - KSTN - Stockton CA (IRCA)

Sunday, November 7, 1999 - WGAI-560, Elizabeth City, NC will conduct a 
DX test from 1:00-1:30 am EST. Tones of 1000 Hz and 800 Hz, as well as 
Morse code IDs, will be used. WGAI will play station jingles between CW 
IDs. The test will also be broadcast on their Internet audio feed, but 
only on-air reports will receive a QSL. WGAI will be operating with 500 
watts, directional pattern during this period. Station phone is 

Reception reports may be sent to:
Mr. Bob Carter
Director of Engineering & Operations
P.O. Box 1408
Elizabeth City, NC 27909

E-mail: wgai560am@xxxxxxx
WWW: http://hometown.aol.com/wgai560am
 (Arranged by Lynn Hollerman for the IRCA CPC.)

Sunday, November 7, 1999 - KMON-560, Great Falls, MT will conduct a DX 
test at 12:00, 1:00, 2:00, 3:00, 4:00, and 5:00 am MST. Following their 
traditional station ID, a 1000 Hz tone followed by a Morse code ID will 
be broadcast. KMON broadcasts traditional/modern country-western music 
24 hours a day. KMON will be operating with their full power of 5000 
watts at this time, with a directional pattern at 23 degrees to the 
north. Station phone is (406) 761-7600, fax (406) 761-5511.

Reception reports may be sent to:
Attn: Chief Engineer (Lete Connelly)
KMON Radio
P.O. Box 3309
#20 3rd Street N
Great Falls, MT 59403

E-mail: 560@xxxxxxxx (general)
        lete@xxxxxxxxxxxx (engineering)
WWW: http://www.kmon.com
 (Arranged by Lynn Hollerman for the IRCA CPC.)

Saturday, January 1, 2000 - KSTN-1420, Stockton, CA will conduct a DX 
test from 12:00 am - ? am PST (3:00 am - ? EST). Request line - 
(209)948-1420 - will be open to go on the air with New Year's greetings. 
The format will be '70s disco music.  There will be a prize drawing from 
all reports received for a souvenir piece of the transmitter.  

Reception reports may be sent to:
Mr. Paul Shinn
Chief Engineer
2171 Ralph Avenue
Stockton, CA 95206

E-mail: KSTN@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
(Arranged by Lynn Hollerman for the IRCA CPC.)

*****I *may* have a DX test on 890 from SC set up for us - but right 
now, that's in the planning stage. The engineer, a Powell E. Way, 
requests that some DXers listen for a station he works at - WKDK-1240, 
in Newberry, SC . He says he's there on Sunday mornings, like at 5am 
ELT. He'd REALLY like to hear from DXers - the address I have is 3000 
Hazel St. (or P.O. Box 753) Newberry, SC 29108, with a phone # of (864) 
276-3337 - the phone # is from the '97 NRC log, so it may be out of 
date. Please give it a listen if you can!

Also, if you hear a test, PLEASE, PLEASE let me know, via either e-mail 
or in rec.radio.shortwave! And if you send a reception report to a 
station, please remember to include return postage with your report...




Anker Petersen - anker.petersen@xxxxxxxxxx (via Pat Martin)

Dear friends,
   As friends to Jens Frost, it is my sad duty to inform you that Jens 
suddenly passed away this Monday after a heart stroke.
   I talked with him on phone last Friday where he confirmed his 
participation in the small EDXC Conference on Nov 6 here in Copenhagen. 
Yesterday I received a letter from him poststamped Monday with 
contributions to the next ShortwaveNews. So for me it is hard to believe 
that he is no longer, but his son-in-law, Per Soerensen told me so this 
afternoon, and I promised to inform you.
   Letters of condolences can be sent to his daughter and son-in-law, 
Sonja Frost & Per Soerensen, Engvaenget 18, DK 2650 Hvidovre, Denmark.
   In deep sorrow,
    Anker Petersen


Charles Taylor - ctaylor@xxxxxxxxxxx

   Does anyone know if KRVN-880 is still off frequency? One of one group
here is an ex-engineer from KRVN, back from the era when they moved from 
1010 to 880 and went II-A.
   I have a QSL card from them for 1010.

**Albert Lehr - Livermore CA - ALehr@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

KRVN is back within FCC limits at the moment.  They were down on 879.962 
kHz on 8/16/99.  By 9/3/99 they had drifted down to 879.957.  I found 
them on 880.003 on 10/3/99.  Tonight, 10/24/99 at 2130 PDT, they are on 
880.012v kHz.  If the trend continues, KRVN may be going astray on the 
high side in the next few weeks.


Paul Ormandy - Oamaru NZ - paulorm@xxxxxxxx

1071  R Pacific, Ashburton relay now on. Presume power to be in the 
       vicinity on 2kW...


Mark Connelly - WA1ION@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

   Greetings to all.  I'm looking for logging reports of longwave and 
medium wave stations (150 to 2500 kHz) made between 8 and 25 October 
1999.  Stations outside the reporter's country are preferred (whether of 
broadcast, utility, or 160-m amateur).  Selected reports will be posted 
under the Parallel DX Efforts heading on the Newfoundland DXpedition Web 
Page: " http://members.xoom.com/MarkWA1ION/nfdxpage.htm "
   Already reports from Germany, Brazil, and the United States ... both 
coasts ... have been listed.  Some additional European coverage as well 
as DX from the Caribbean area (including south Florida), the Middle 
East, South Africa, Japan, Hawaii, and the Australia / New Zealand 
regions would round out the Parallel DX Efforts section nicely.
   The National Radio Club book "Season of DXpeditions" gives a very 
thorough treatment of the autumn 1996 period.  Coverage includes the 
legendary DXpeditions of DX teams in Cappahayden (Newfoundland), Sheigra 
(Scotland), and Lemmenjoki (Finland) as well as many smaller, but still 
significant, parallel efforts from around the world.  See " 
http://nrcdxas.org/catalog/ " for more information.  Though the loggings 
are 3 years old, some are still relevant.  Always of value are the 
discussions of operating techniques used on successful DXpeditions.
   Jean Burnell, John Fisher, Neil Kazaross, and Al Merriman are still 
working on the final version of the official 1999 Newfoundland 
DXpedition report. It will be accessible from the Web page as soon as it 
becomes available.  Meanwhile, sit back and enjoy reading the reports 
these guys have already provided.




Jean Burnell - St John's NF - jburnell@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


   I arrived back in Cappahayden long after sunset on 19 October, and 
Neil Kazaross and Al Merriman wasted no time in telling me what I had 
missed: excellent African signals!  I didn't start DXing until after 
0000 UTC, by which time the action was over for Africa.  Nevertheless, I 
found some good South American DX was available, so my quest for "new" 
Brazilians and "deep-South Americans continued.  
   Yesterday (21 October) we found the European Beverage broken about 
150 meters from the shack. I suspect this happened many days ago since 
this wire had been giving sub par signals since the almost a week.  This 
was repaired and better, but not great, reception of Europe was once 
again enjoyed, although conditions to Europe are not very good.  I did 
catch up a bit by logging Lesotho on 891 kHz, which the others had 
bagged the previous night.
   Correction first:  It seems that there is indeed something wrong with 
the number 13! I have been numbering this DXpedition Newfoundland XIII 
when I mean VIII! 
   Now some logs (dates/times are UTC!).  Sorry this is chronological, 
I'm tight for time and this is easier!

 700  ARGENTINA  R. Cordoba 0106 20 Oct - Sports including rugby, ID at 
       0109; YV QRM
 700  BRAZIL  R. Eldorado 0114 20 Oct - Fade up over the SS stns w/ ID. 
       Common catch.
 630  ARGENTINA R. Rivadavia 0222 20 Oct - Almost along talking about 
       upcoming Argenitinian election.
 660  VENEZUELA  R. Anaco 0350 20 Oct - Nice s/off anmt, state and nat. 
 880  PERU  R. Union 0819 20 Oct - romantic mx under R. Mundial, which 
       was selling "natural medicines"
 840  PUERTO RICO  R. Victoria  0940 20 Oct - Almost last in the band 
       before it's all domestics.
 530  UNID  1951 20 Oct (and many other times) AA music, some AA talk, 
       sometimes in FF.  I think I heard an ID for Cairo at the end of 
       FF news. Is anyone else hearing this? 
 890.98  LESOTHO  2005 20 Oct - African music fades up sometimes 
       stronger than // 4800! Best on the K9AY loop since we don't have 
       a Beverage aimed well for Africa.
 972  BOTSWANA  2034 20 Oct - Noted in passing, fairly strong, but I 
       couldn't find 531 which the guys had logged the previous evening.
1197  UNID  HELP!!! Family R. 2044 20 Oct - Syndicated US religion, 
clear Family R. ID at 2100.  I suspect this is the ex-BBC transmitter in 
1330  BRAZIL  R. Eldorado Natal  2055 20 Oct - Rel pgm ends, ID just 
       before 2100.
1520  BRAZIL R. Salinas  2218 20 Oct - many mentions of Natal, ID at 
       2229. So far I have not been able to ID the other ZY audible on 
       this freq at the same time!
1370  BRAZIL R. Independencia Curitiba 2314 20 Oct - One of 3 ZY's (one 
       other is the usual Atual) w/ ID and telephone chats
1170  ARGENTINA R. Mi Pais 0356 21 Oct - ID in a jumble
 840  ARGENTINA  R. Salta 0859 21 Oct - Nice s/on w/ Ids and stn song, 
       promos for news. I wonder if this is the only Argentinian that 
       I'm hearing on the freq...
1470  PUERTO RICO R. Cumbre 0904 21 Oct - "emisora del centro del Pais" 
       mellow mx
1430  VENEZUELA & PUERTO RICO  R. Bahia & NotiUno 0914 21 Oct - First up 
       was Puerto Rico w/ news of Hurricane Jose, then taken over by 
       Bahia with zillions of ads
1420  VENEZUELA  R. Marabina 0932 21 Oct - Many ID's and jingles
1300  VENEZUELA  1300 AM, Caracas 0936 21 Oct - Musica creolia, ID
1280  PUERTO RICO  NotiUno 0942 21 Oct - This network seems to have 
       swallowed a number of stns, more news of Hurricane.
1485  ENGLAND  BBC R. Merseyside 1944 21 Oct - Antenna functional again! 
       News of the Merseyside Bangladesh Centre, good
1503  POLAND  TWR/Norea R. 1947 21 Oct - Scan lang, SINPO 44444
 999  ENGLAND  Magic 999  1955 21 Oct - Old pops, ID after news to 2002
1260  ENGLAND tent Sabras Sound 2022 21 Oct - Hindi film mx occasionally 
       up over Classic Gold 1260.
 945  ANGOLA  2034 21 Oct - FF news to 2050, nice signal!
 530  UNID 2045 21 Oct - Here again w/ Koran, translations into FF.
 648  GAMBIA  R. Gambia 2131 21 Oct - Nx in EE
 907.84  GAMBIA R. Syd 2136 21 Oct - Af mx, woman DJ, weak but fairly 
       clear on K9AY loop
1350  ARGENTINA  R. Buenos Aires  0059 22 Oct - ID in SS, was the same 
       stn as was in PP a few moments earlier?
 550  URUGUAY  R. Colonia 0140 22 Oct - Tough reception w/ YV QRM, promo 
       at 0142 
 650  URUGUAY?? 0203 22 Oct - Orchestral (classical) mx, likely SODRE
1529.58  URUGUAY  R. Independencia  0245 22 Oct - Back to back mellow 
       tunes until ID at 0259 then off
1070  FRENCH GUIANA  RFO  0331 22 Oct - FF pgm // 162
 820.24  COLOMBIA  R. Vigia 0914 22 Oct - Many saludos, some romantic 
       mx, tough QRM from concurrent Rosary on Guadalupana

   The DXpedition is over.  Al Merriman had said his goodbyes on 
Saturday morning, and he started his long drive back to Virginia.  Neil 
Kazaross and I packed up the shack and brought in the antennas in the 
fog and gentle drizzle of Sunday morning, 24 October.  It was a welcome 
change from the 100 km/h wind and the sheets of rain that had pounded us 
the previous evening!  I dropped Neil off at St. John's airport just 
after noon, Newfoundland Time.
   Conditions were auroral for the final two nights.  In spite of having 
a fully functional European antenna, it was largely ignored since the 
action was from the south:  Africa and South America.  Again, I think we 
landed some good ones!
   The process of assembling a complete report is now beginning.  I have 
a lot of tapes to review, so modification of some of these logs is 
inevitable.  Also, I have a lot of possible IDs to listen to again, and 
I have a number of more routine catches to include.  I should stress 
that the logs in these five reports are only my own, and the final 
report should also contain material from the other three DXers, John 
Fisher, Al Merriman, and Neil Kazaross.  The final report will be 
submitted for inclusion in the National Radio Club's "DX News," and 
other clubs have expressed an interest in picking up this report, at 
least in part.  Also, the final report will be available on a new web 
site, and it will include some Real Audio clips and, I hope, some 
   I thank the guys who make the trip up here to share in the DX.  I 
also wish to acknowledge the assistance of two virtual participants in 
this DXpedition.  I am very grateful to Werner Funkenhauser and Mark 
Connelly, both veterans of previous Newfoundland DXpeditions, for 
propagation forecasts, for parallel DX sessions, for their general 
encouragement, and for posting these reports on their web sites.
   Here are the logs.  As always, comments and corrections would be much 
appreciated! Dates/times are UTC, and the order is still chronological:

1520  BRAZIL  R. Salinas  2047 22 Oct - PP ads for stores in Macao, fair
1206  MOZAMBIQUE  EP do Inhambane  2055-2115 22 Oct - Good peaks, but 
       deep fades, pop mx, PP news from 2100
 972  BOTSWANA  Gaborone  2123 22 Oct - News in EE, fair
 873  BOTSWANA  Gantsi  2155 22 Oct - Mainly chat // 972, but weaker 
       than 972.  WRTH lists this as a "future plan."  Clearly, some 
       future plans become reality.
 930  BRAZIL  R. Metropolitana  2231 22 Oct - I've heard this before, 
       but it's always fun to phase out your local station (CJYQ) to 
       hear one on another continent!  ... sports event, ID and 
       Fortaleza mentioned
 560  BRAZIL  R. Educadora do Maranhao 2257 22 Oct - Phasing revealed 
       this w/ sports. IDs as "R. Educadora" but the ads revealed the 
       stn location
 800  BRAZIL  R. MEC  2324 22 Oct - Still having fun knocking out 
       locals, this time VOWR, to reveal mellow pops, lots of IDs near 
1190  ARGENTINA  R. America  0040 23 Oct - Ads and talk, common catch 
       but not with SINPO 44444!
1512  UNID  0111 23 Oct - Second Koran chanting under the massive Saudi 
       signal (also Koran), then talk in AA.  Ideas please!?
 920  PARAGUAY  R. Nac. 0158 23 Oct - Play-by-play announcer in ecstasy 
       with Paraguay leading Bolivia 3-0 in soccer game
1010  BRAZIL R. AM de Povo  0757 23 Oct - "AM de Povo" slogan, ad for 
       college w/ best profs in Fortaleza
 610  TRINIDAD NBS  0817 23 Oct - Caribbean-accented preacher
 720  PARAGUAY  R. Patai Puki  0830 23 Oct - Seemed to have just signed 
       on, ID, weather, time checks
 780  PARAGUAY  R. Primero de Marzo  0838 23 Oct - Big fat juicy ID 
       after ads
1310  MARTINIQUE  RFO  0900 23 Oct - France-Inter ID, and sports. This 
       one often runs local pgms when St. Pierre (1375) Guadeloupe 
       (640), and Cayenne (1070) are relaying France Inter
1130  VENEZUELA  R. Ideal  0938 23 Oct - Wow!  What a strong signal!  SS 
       pops ID and also "Emisora del Amor" slogan
11092.53  USB  ST. HELENA   1858 23 Oct - Actually 10 secs of audio 
       before at 18:52:30, bells, s/on, etc.  We were not able to find 
       the // on 1548.
1484.90  MADEIRA?  probably Funchal  2018 23 Oct - Pop/dance mx, canned 
       anmts in PP with wicked reverb
 909  NIGERIA?  2043 23 Oct - Man in African lang over VOA Botswana, 
       possibly mentioned "Abuja"
 963  UNID  2058 23 Oct - and other times...PP stn (Not Renascenca, 
       which could also be heard) w/ phone chat and music.  Mentioned 
       "Emisora Povincial" but we can't decipher the place name (yet!) 
       Mozambique station??
 531  BOTSWANA  Maun  2111 23 Oct - Pop and African music // 972, 1215
 747  BURKINA FASO  R. Burkina 2114 23 Oct - African lang, mx, under 
       Spain, // SW
1215  BOTSWANA  Mahalapye  2119 23 Oct - African music // 972, 531
 657  UNID  2133 23 Oct - Possibly South Africa?  Religious sings in EE, 
       of course it faded away just before 2200, so no ID!
1460  BRAZIL  R. Agreste  2232 23 Oct - Accordion mx, ID, deep faeds
1000  BRAZIL R. Princesa Serrana  2332  23 Oct - Actually slogan not 
       noted, but the place name in the ads was Timbauba, under the high 
       power ZY
1270  BRAZIL  R. Continental  2354 23 Oct - Pop songs, one word 
       "Continental" canned ID between most songs, poor in QRM
 580  BRAZIL  R. CBN Recife  0208 24 Oct - PP news, // 860
 940  COLOMBIA  RCN 0254 24 Oct - ID
1020  PARAGUAY  R. Nanduti  0846 24 Oct - Good signal w/ news until 
       Margarita s/on at 0850
1150  ARGENTINA  stn?? 0903 24 Oct - Lots of lively accordion mx, woman 
       host but lost to domestic QRM before it IDed
 690  ECUADOR  HCJB1 0920 24 Oct - Soft-spoken man in indigenous 
       language, mx // 3220, but rising QRM from R. Recuerdos


Mike Hardester (via Charles A. Taylor - calltaylor@xxxxxxxxxxx)

   A couple of notes regarding local station happenings in the 
Jacksonville, NC area.
   530 and 1610 kHz: NC, Camp Lejeune. TISs appear to be on RS, with 
simulcast of rebroadcast of NWS station in Newport, NC. First noted 
10/20 at 0600 traveling to work. At SS, 1610 is hrd at a fair level 
while 530 is covered by UNID Spanish - presumed R. Vision Cristiania on 
535 as previously logged here. (MH-NC)

1580  WSMO? NC. Camp Lejeune? Noted an ad in local paper with reference 
       to a "WSMO 1580 AM" and "Classic Country Radio" as co-sponsor of 
       a local event. Ex-WWJV? Not hrd if on air - usually, I'm out of 
       the area from a bit before sunrise to after sunset. Didn't check 
       this weekend (10/23-24). Will f/up when on air and ID confirmed. 
       Nothing noted in FCC database. (MH-NC)


Don Moore - IA - mooredxer@xxxxxxxxx

A logs made at the MARE DXpedition near Brighton Michigan. Receiver: 
Sony ICF-2010. Antenna: Approximately 1000 foot beverage pointed south.

 650  COLOMBIA, Antena Dos, Bogota 0228-0232 Ad for Cafe Sello Rojo, 
       sports, ID. Good. (Moore MI Oct 23)
 720  Emisoras Unidas, Baranquilla 0233 String of ads mentioning 
       Barranquilla. Also heard at 0306 with an ad for the Loteria de 
 920.2  Emisora Fuentes, Cartagena 0145 ID and anmts. Fair in USB mode 
       to escape het and QRM. (Moore MI Oct 23)
1170  Caracol, Cartagena 0119-0123 Sports talk, ID, PSA by Corporacion 
       Nacional de Ahorro y Vivienda. Excellant and interference free 
       signal. (Moore MI Oct 23)
????  PANAMA Radio Reforma 0056-0105 Ads mentioning Chitre and definite 
       ID. Fair. Larry Russell had a better signal on his spiral loop 
       than I did on my 1000 foot southerly beverage! (Moore MI  Oct 23)
 750  VENEZUELA, Radio Caracas Radio 0245 Venezuelan baseball // 850 
       kHz. Fair. I've always wondered if Radio Caracas Radio has a 
       Department of Redundancy Department. (The reason for the 
       repitition is to distinguish it from Radio Caracas Television.) 
       (Moore MI Oct 23)
 850  RV-850 Valencia 0040-0250+ Presumed the one with beisbol between 
       the Leones de Caracas and Aguilas de Zulia. The other YV on this 
       frequency is religous, so not likely to have this type of 
       programming. Noted usually on top with fair signals at various 
       times during this period. // 750 kHz. (Moore MI Oct 23)
 940  UNID 0155 At three Latins mixing on this frequency. Heard one ad 
       giving prices in Bolivares (the Venezuelan currency). Punto Fijo 
       most likely. Poor. (Moore MI Oct 23)
1080  Radio Barcelona 0132-0135 ID given as I tuned in, then back to 
       baseball. // 1110. Fair. (Moore MI  Oct 23)
1110  UNID 0123+ Venezuelan baseball // 1080 noted at various times. 
       Fair signal mixing with domestic station. Probably Carupano as it 
       is in the same net as Radio Barcelona. (Moore MI Oct 23)
 920  COLOMBIA: Emisora Fuentes on 920.2v is one of the better heard 
       Colombians. BOGOTA, Colombia -- Gunmen dragged from his home and 
       shot to death a reporter who covered cock fights and town affairs 
       for a small radio station on the Caribbean coast, police said 
       Thursday.  Rodolfo Flores, a 38-year-old reporter for Emisora 
       Fuentes radio, was shot three times in the head and discarded on 
       a rural highway, Lt. Col. Rodolfo Lopez, police commander in 
       northern Sucre state told The Associated Press.  Police found the 
       body just after dawn Thursday near Flores' home town of San 
       Onofre - five hours after at least four men broke into the 
       journalist's residence, Lopez said in a telephone interview. 
       There was no immediate indication of motive in the second slaying 
       of a small-town journalist in just over a month in Colombia.  On 
       Sept. 16, gunmen entered a bar and shot to death Guzman Quintero, 
       chief editor of a provincial newspaper in northern Valledupar 
       state, while he drank a beer with colleagues.  With four 
       journalists killed in the line of duty last year and 47 
       assassinated since 1989, according to the New York-based 
       Committee to Protect Journalists, Colombia ranks among the 
       world's most dangerous places to practice the profession.  Over 
       the years, threats and violence against the media have come from 
       a plethora of sources in the violent Andean nation-among them 
       drug traffickers, corrupt politicians, leftist rebels and right-
       wing paramilitary groups.  (The Associated Press Oct 22 via Ken 
       MacHarg via Don Moore)


Mark Connelly - WA1ION@xxxxxxxxxxxxx


[Connelly*B-MA] = Billerica, MA (GC= 71.221 W / 42.533 N) (home)

[Connelly*D-MA] = Duxbury, MA (GC= 70.651 W / 42.047 N)
(west end of Powder Point Bridge, at King Caesar Road)

[Connelly*H-MA] = East Harwich, Cape Cod, MA (GC= 70.021 W / 41.713 N)
(near junction of Routes 39 & 137: pitch pine forest 2 km from ocean)

[Connelly*R-MA] = Rockport, MA (GC= 70.622 W / 42.667 N) (Granite Pier)

Receiver: Drake R8A

Antenna systems: cardioid array with BBL-1 broadband loop, AWP-1 whip, 
prototype Superphaser-2 phasing unit


 549  ALGERIA  Les Trembles, OCT 16 2340 - AA talk & teletalk; fair. 
 585.2  unID  OCT 16 2338 - possibly Tunisia here with het against 
       Spain-585.0. [Connelly*D-MA]
 603  SPAIN  RNE5, Sevilla / Palencia, OCT 16 2336 - // 855 with man in 
       SS; to fair peak. [Connelly*D-MA]
 612  MOROCCO  Sebaa-Aioun, OCT 19 2246 - AA music, then AA talk by man; 
       low audio level on big carrier. [Connelly*R-MA]
 621  CANARY ISLANDS // SPAIN  RNE1 synchros, OCT 16 2247 - loud with 
       fast SS talk. [Connelly*D-MA] 
     + OCT 19 2245 - two men in SS; good. [Connelly*R-MA]
 639  SPAIN  RNE1, La Coruna, OCT 16 2222 - // 684 with SS interview; 
       poor through slop from a jumble of stations (Guadeloupe et al.) 
       on 640. [Connelly*D-MA]
 648  GAMBIA  Bonto, OCT 16 2344 - African vocal and percussion; peaking 
       well over Spain. [Connelly*D-MA]
 648  SAUDI ARABIA (t)  Jeddah, OCT 19 2241 - most likely this with 
       Koran recitation (droning a cappella AA male vocal); poor to 
       fair, dominant. [Connelly*R-MA] 
 684  SPAIN  RNE1, Sevilla, OCT 16 0456 - SS newstalk; good. 
     + OCT 16 2219 - entertainment-related SS interview; good.  WRKO was 
       all groundwave at the time, so it was easily nulled. 
 693.7  AZORES  RDP, Santa Barbara  OCT 19 2231 - // 836 with vocal; 
       strong carrier but weak audio. [Connelly*R-MA]
 711.04  WESTERN SAHARA  Laayoune, OCT 16 2217 - AA-Berber vocal with 
       drums, violin; initially in WOR slop, but then it boomed in with 
       a strong signal. [Connelly*D-MA]
 729  SPAIN  RNE1, Oviedo et al., OCT 16 2226 - bits of SS teletalk; 
       more slop from CHTN-720 than from anything on 730. 
 747  CANARY ISLANDS // SPAIN  OCT 16 2232 - mellow jazz, then man & 
       woman in SS; over others. [Connelly*D-MA]
 801  SPAIN  RNE1 synchros, OCT 16 2348 - fast SS talk; poor, in 
       PJB/WCCM-800 slop. [Connelly*D-MA]
 836  AZORES  RDP, Pico da Barrosa, OCT 16 0348 - end of vocal (sounded 
       like Ray Charles), then PP talk; fair.  Somewhat stronger than 
       Canaries-837. [Connelly*H-MA] + OCT 16 2207 - excellent with 
       jazz. [Connelly*D-MA]
 837  CANARY ISLANDS // SPAIN  COPE synchros, OCT 16 2331 - fair with 
       somewhat-muffled SS talk by man // 1296. [Connelly*D-MA]
     + OCT 19 2225 - SS talk; fair over 836 het. [Connelly*R-MA]
 846  ITALY  Rome, OCT 16 0222 - classical piano music; fair.
 855  SPAIN  RNE1, Murcia et al., OCT 16 0352 - woman in SS; fair, 
       through WEEI slop. [Connelly*H-MA]
     + OCT 16 2337 - several SS announcers; good, generally over the 850 
       slop. [Connelly*D-MA]
 873  SPAIN  SER synchros, OCT 16 2328 - // 1179 with slow deliberate SS 
       group discussion, then a bit of organ music; fair. 
 882  CANARY ISLANDS // SPAIN  COPE synchros, OCT 16 2212 - SS teletalk; 
       good. [Connelly*D-MA] 
 891  ALGERIA  Algiers, OCT 16 0230 - AA male vocal and steel guitar; 
       very good. [Connelly*H-MA]
 918  SPAIN  R. Intercontinental, Madrid, OCT 16 2322 - excited SS talk 
       by man; very good.  Semi-auroral conditions weakened CJCH to let 
       this one slide right by. [Connelly*D-MA] 
 954  SPAIN  R. Espana, Madrid, OCT 16 0241 - to good peak with SS 
       telephone interview. [Connelly*H-MA] 
     + OCT 16 2320 - Beatles- influenced vocal; good to excellent. 
 963  PORTUGAL  R. Renascenca, Seixal, OCT 16 2319 - man & woman in PP; 
       fair (though WZAN-970 slop bad at times). [Connelly*D-MA]
 981.11  ALGERIA  Radiodif. Algerienne, Algiers, OCT 16 2318 - pan-pipes 
       / flutes, male AA pop-style vocal; huge, demolishing WTRY/WCAP-
       980.  Measured freq. 110 Hz high of nominal 981. [Connelly*D-MA] 
 999  SPAIN  COPE, Madrid, OCT 16 2315 - monotone-delivery SS news by 
       man; through slop from Latin American mix on 1000. 
1008  CANARY ISLANDS  Las Palmas, R. Las Palmas / RadioVoz, OCT 16 2313 
       - SS talk with flute interludes; fair. [Connelly*D-MA] 
1017  SPAIN  RNE5 synchros, OCT 16 2311 - // 1107 with SS news 
       interview; over Middle Eastern music station (presumably the 
       Turk). [Connelly*D-MA]
1026  SPAIN  SER synchros, OCT 16 2310 - fast SS talk / teletalk; over 
       others, fair through WBZ slop. [Connelly*D-MA]
1035  PORTUGAL  R. Nacional, Lisboa, OCT 16 2309 - plaintive PP vocal; 
       fair with WBZ phased. [Connelly*D-MA]
1044  MOROCCO  Sebaa-Aioun, OCT 16 2131 - AA vocal & violins, then fast 
       AA talk by man; good on pre-sunset fade-up. [Connelly*D-MA]
1053  MOROCCO  Tanger, OCT 16 2352 - female AA vocal; good.
1053  SPAIN  COPE, Zaragoza / Castellon, OCT 16 2308 - SS talk; under 
       huge unmodulated carrier that was probably from the Moroccan. 
1062  NIGERIA (t)  OCT 16 2306 - folk-style vocal, possibly religious. 
 [Connelly*D-MA] + OCT 19 2302 - African-accented EE talk by man; taking 
       a pounding from CBA-1070 slop.  Lost at 2305 when CBA went from 
       talk to brassy jazz. [Connelly*R-MA]
1071  SPAIN  EI, Bilbao, OCT 16 2256 - some kind of question-and-answer 
       session with man & woman in SS; good. [Connelly*D-MA]
1088  ANGOLA  Radio Nacional, Mulenvos, OCT 16 2253 - bits of PP talk; 
       poor, faintly hetted by weaker 1089. [Connelly*D-MA]
1089  UNITED KINGDOM  Talk Radio synchros, OCT 19 2344 - EE talkshow; 
       very jumpy fades, in & out of WBAL/LA's-1090 slop. This was one 
       of the very few northern Europeans making any kind of a showing 
       at all. [Connelly*R-MA]  
1098  SPAIN  RNE5 synchros, OCT 16 2252 - // 1107 with segment of flute 
       jazz, then SS talk; strong.  Synchro echo of up to a half-second 
       (!) between stations was noted. [Connelly*D-MA]
1107  SPAIN  RNE5 synchros, OCT 16 2247 - man & woman in SS with 
       interspersed music, not parallel to RNE1 (e.g. 621) at this time. 
1116  SPAIN  SER synchros, OCT 16 2246 - restricted (telephone type) 
       audio quality on SS talk by man; good signal strength. 
1125  SPAIN  RNE5 synchros, OCT 16 2245 - SS talk over a weak het from 
       approx. 1125.5 (maybe one of the synchros off channel ?) 
1134  SPAIN  COPE synchros, OCT 16 2243 - fast SS talk about events in 
       "la capital"; good, totally dominant. [Connelly*D-MA]
1179  CANARY ISLANDS // SPAIN  SER synchros, OCT 16 2125 - fast SS 
       newstalk; pre-sunset fade-up over slop from WJJF daytimer. 
1197  SPAIN  EI, Vitoria, OCT 16 2354 - calm-voiced man in SS; dominant. 
1251  LIBYA  Tripoli, OCT 16 2356 - AA vocal; fair. [Connelly*D-MA]
1296  SPAIN  COPE, Valencia, OCT 16 0256 - short segment of music, then 
       man in SS.  No sign of Sudan at the time. [Connelly*H-MA]
     + OCT 16 2331 - // 837 with SS talk; poor. [Connelly*D-MA]
1305  SPAIN  RNE5 synchros, OCT 16 2356 - SS talk with synchro- echo; 
       over rumble. [Connelly*D-MA]
1467  FRANCE  TWR, Roumoules, OCT 19 2215 - EE religious talk; in slop. 
1521  SAUDI ARABIA  BSKSA, Duba, OCT 16 0301 - AA news by man; good to 
       excellent. [Connelly*H-MA] 
     + OCT 16 2131 - male AA vocal; over SAH, bits of second audio 
       (probably Spain), and a bit of slop from daytimer WGAM. 
1530  SAO TOME E PRINCIPE  VOA Relay, Pinheira, OCT 16 0313 - VOA 
       discussion program in EE; fair with WSAI phased. [Connelly*H-MA]
1550  ALGERIA  RASD Clandestine, Tindouf, OCT 16 2231 - Oud music, 
       female Berber-style vocal; huge, crushing the NY or PA nostalgia 
       station. [Connelly*D-MA] 
     + OCT 19 2318 - AA-style music with drums, then into SS talk by man 
       with ID mentioning "saharaui". [Connelly*R-MA]
1575  SPAIN  SER synchros, OCT 19 2321 - SS talk with restricted "telco 
       quality" audio; poor. [Connelly*R-MA]
1583.6  CEUTA  RadiOle, OCT 16 0306 - plaintive ballad, then SS talk; 
       good.  Not much showing on 1584. [Connelly*H-MA] + OCT 16 2129 - 
       male vocal with acoustic guitar; fair. [Connelly*D-MA] 
1584  SPAIN  SER synchros, OCT 19 2325 - // 1575 with SS talk having a 
       definite synchro echo; to fair peak over het from weaker Ceuta-
       1583.6. [Connelly*R-MA]

Not MW, but I had to include this ...

11902.54  ST. HELENA  OCT 23 - test broadcast booming in on upper 
       sideband through the entire 1900-2315 UTC period.  Many e-mail 
       reports were read on the air and numerous pop-rock hits ("La Vida 
       Loca" near the beginning of the broadcast, "The Final Countdown" 
       near the end, etc.) were played.  Announcers mentioned that this 
       was the last test that this station was going to run.  I got a 
       good deal of it on tape.  It was running parallel to 1548 kHz 
       medium wave ... did anyone log them on that frequency ?? 


 526  BAHAMAS  ZLS, Stella Maris, OCT 16 1007 - "ZLS" code beacon; fair 
       through RVC-530 slop. [Connelly*H-MA]
 530  TURKS & CAICOS  R. Vision Cristiana, OCT 16 1007 - SS hymn; huge. 
     + OCT 16 2342 - SS ID "Radio Vision Cristiana, la Emisora de Dios"; 
       local-like.  There was something in EE under, but possibly just a 
       TIS rather than Falklands. [Connelly*D-MA]
 535  GRENADA  GBC, St. George's, OCT 16 2341 - woman giving speech 
       about the Government of Grenada and efforts to help young people; 
       good. [Connelly*D-MA] 
     + OCT 20 0048 - lounge-jazz style female vocal; to good peak. 
 540  MEXICO  XEWA, San Luis Potosi - Monterrey, OCT 16 1102 - romantic 
       SS vocal; over/under WLUX. [Connelly*H-MA]
 555  ST. KITTS & NEVIS  ZIZ, Basseterre, OCT 16 2339 - Carib-EE 
       talkshow; fair with WGAN phased. [Connelly*D-MA]   
 570  CUBA  R. Reloj, OCT 16 1008 - Reloj clock ticks and SS news about 
       Habana; over WMCA. [Connelly*H-MA]
 591  CUBA  R. Musical Nacional, OCT 20 0031 - bits of music, SS talk 
       noted along with a fat het against WEZE/VOCM/SS'er-590. ID'ed 
       subsequently by Don Moore in Iowa. [Connelly*R-MA]
 600  CUBA  R. Rebelde, CMKV, Urbano Noris, OCT 16 1002 - // 620 with 
       morning greeting and song. [Connelly*H-MA]
 620  CUBA  R. Rebelde, Colon / Moa, OCT 16 1002 - // 600 with greeting 
       "muy buenas dias ... Radio Rebelde". [Connelly*H-MA]
 630  PUERTO RICO  WSKN, San Juan, OCT 16 1000 - Super Cadena mention in 
       fast-paced SS news. [Connelly*H-MA] 
     + OCT 16 2343 - Cadena mentions; mixed with WPRO. [Connelly*D-MA]
 640  CUBA  R. Progreso, Guanabacoa / Las Tunas, OCT 16 0958 - SS talk 
       about plantations outside Habana; huge dominant signal.
     + still here at OCT 16 1013 UTC with talk about Copa Mundial.
 640  VENEZUELA  Union R., YVQO, Puerto La Cruz, OCT 16 2300 - fast SS 
       sportstalk, ID // 1090; slightly over Guadeloupe. [Connelly*D-MA]
 650  COLOMBIA  RCN Antena Dos, HJKH, Bogota, OCT 20 0030 - Antena Dos 
       ID; very good. [Connelly*R-MA]
 670  CUBA  R. Rebelde, CMQ, Arroyo Arenas, OCT 16 1012 - music, then SS 
       phone conversation with a woman with several Cuba references, // 
       600, 620. [Connelly*H-MA]
 670  VENEZUELA  R. Rumbos, YVLL, Caracas, OCT 16 2235 - SS sportstalk 
       with Venezuela and Copa Mundial mentions; over others. 
     + OCT 19 2238 - SS talk about electoral politics in Caracas. 
 680  PUERTO RICO  WAPA, San Juan, OCT 20 0200 - SS talk with detailed 
       Puerto Rico weather including high and low temperatures for a 
       number of cities.  Announcer ID'ed W-A-P-A call (by individual 
       letters) and the calls of two other Puerto Rican stations on the 
       same news "mini-network".  This was loud: actually OVER LOCAL 
       WRKO !! [Connelly*R-MA] 
 690  ANGUILLA  Caribbean Beacon, The Valley, OCT 16 0455 - EE 
       preaching; over presumed Colombia (who had accordion music). 
     + OCT 16 2346 - preaching about the escape from Egypt; excellent, 
       over Venezuela/Brazil. [Connelly*D-MA]
     + OCT 19 2233 - good with Caribbean-accented EE local news with a 
       warning about the approach of Hurricane Jose. [Connelly*R-MA]
 690  BRAZIL  R. Dragao do Mar, ZYH587, Fortaleza, OCT 16 2234 - PP 
       preaching; in mess with Anguilla and Venezuela. [Connelly*D-MA]
 690  VENEZUELA  YVMR, Barquisimeto, OCT 16 2346 - adverts for 
       businesses "en Venezuela".  Signal was a bit under Anguilla. 
 700  COLOMBIA  R. Net, HJCX, Cali, OCT 16 0447 - leading the pack with 
       SS news with several Bogota items. [Connelly*H-MA]
 700  JAMAICA  RJR, Montego Bay, OCT 16 0503 - black DJ talked about 
       groups performing at various local clubs, then a gospel-
       influenced R&B vocal followed; over Colombia. [Connelly*H-MA]
     + OCT 20 0157 - slogan "The Supreme Sound, RJR", followed by Jose 
       Feliciano version of "Light My Fire". [Connelly*R-MA]
 705  ST. VINCENT & THE GRENADINES  Kingstown, OCT 20 0019 - "Miss You 
       Like Crazy" by Natalie Cole; fair. [Connelly*R-MA]
 710  CUBA  R. Rebelde synchros, OCT 16 0505 - // 600 with SS vocal & 
       tropical-style instrumentation; loud, over WOR. [Connelly*H-MA]
 730  MEXICO  XEX, Mexico City, OCT 16 0440 - music, SS talk, slogan "La 
       Nueva Equis"; excellent. [Connelly*H-MA]  
 750  VENEZUELA  RCR, YVKS, Caracas, OCT 16 0358 - dominant with the 
       Venezuelan National Anthem. [Connelly*H-MA]
 760  BRAZIL  R. Record, ZYH888, Fortaleza, OCT 16 2213 - already good, 
       and just slightly behind daytimer WVNE.  It was 100% alone when 
       WVNE was nulled with the cardioid array.  The program was a man 
       and a woman with PP religious talk.  At 2215 WVNE closed leaving 
       this in the clear, fully in control of the channel with a better-
       than-S9 signal. [Connelly*D-MA]
 760  COLOMBIA  RCN, HJAJ, Barranquilla, OCT 20 0016 - RCN ID; over Cuba 
       growl. [Connelly*R-MA]
 760  MEXICO  XEABC, Mexico City, OCT 16 1056 - Mexican music, into SS 
       talk with apparent "A-B-C" mention; poor, fading. [Connelly*H-MA]  
 770  COLOMBIA  RCN, HJJX, Bogota, OCT 16 0648 - Colombian political 
       news in SS, then into a music program. [Connelly*H-MA] 
     + OCT 20 0155 - excited SS announcer // 760; under WABC. 
 780  VENEZUELA  R. Coro, YVMN, Coro, OCT 16 0418 - R. Coro jingle, 
       timecheck, mellow SS vocal; good. [Connelly*H-MA]
 800  NETHERLANDS ANTILLES  Trans-World Radio, PJB, Bonaire, OCT 20 0100 
       - SS talk about the true meaning of love, then some light music, 
       followed by Radio Transmundial ID, a mailing address in Miami, 
       and mentions of Bonaire - Antillas Holandesas; very good, well 
       over WCCM/VOWR/CJAD jumble. [Connelly*R-MA]
 830  CUBA  R. Reloj, OCT 20 0151 - Reloj ticker and beeps audible 
       through YVLT/others. [Connelly*R-MA]
 830  ST. KITTS & NEVIS  TBN, Basseterre, OCT 16 0353 - // 7510 with 
       woman talking to minister about the value of TBN's programming; 
       good. [Connelly*H-MA]
 830  VENEZUELA  R. Sensacion, YVLT, Caracas, OCT 20 0150 - R. Sensacion 
       ID, then mellow vocal; briefly atop the pack. [Connelly*R-MA]
 840  unID  OCT 20 0103 - likely a Venezuelan here with Caracas and R. 
       Noticias mentions in SS newscast.  The channel was very congested 
       with Latin Americans: no single station stayed atop the pile for 
       very long. [Connelly*R-MA]
 860  VENEZUELA  R. Enlace 860, YVYE, Valle de la Pascua, OCT 20 0000 - 
       SS talk with Valle de la Pascua mention; over others. 
 890  CUBA  R. Progreso, CMDZ, Santiago de Cuba, OCT 16 0958 - // 640 
       with SS agricultural discussion; way over second SS (possibly 
       WBPS). [Connelly*H-MA]
 895  ST. KITTS & NEVIS  VON, Bath Village, OCT 16 2326 - vocal with a 
       bit of Ray Charles style piano; poor, slopped. [Connelly*D-MA] 
 900  MEXICO  XEW, Mexico City, OCT 23 1000 - Mexican C&W style vocal, 
       SS talk with local mentions; fair over others.
     + OCT 23 1015 - romantic SS vocal; over domestic that mentioned 
       "Pinardville". [Connelly*B-MA]
 910  VENEZUELA  RQ-910, YVRQ, Caracas, OCT 16 2324 - SS sports 
       interview show with Caracas and La Guaira mentions, remote 
       coverage from a stadium with echoey public address announcements, 
       then talk about the alcalde (mayor) of Caracas; loud, rolling 
       over WABI & other domestics. [Connelly*D-MA]
 920.15  COLOMBIA  Emisora Fuentes, HJAA, Cartagena, OCT 20 0106 - man 
       with SS Colombian news; occasionally splittable from CJCH/WHJJ. 
 940  MEXICO  XEQ, Mexico City, OCT 23 0957 - end of song, "Q" (coo) 
       mention, then woman said "en la Republica Mexicana"; over Reloj 
       Cuban. [Connelly*B-MA]
 940  PUERTO RICO  WIPR, San Juan, OCT 20 0108 - woman with SS news 
       about San Juan and other Puerto Rican cities; good, well over 
       others. [Connelly*R-MA]
 960  CUBA  R. Reloj, OCT 16 0412 - clock ticks, "RR" beeps, and woman 
       reading news in SS; over a jumble of domestics. [Connelly*H-MA]
1000  VENEZUELA  YVMN or YVOA, OCT 16 2317 - Venezuela mentions, joking, 
       laughing, party music: a more informal programming style than on 
       RCN-Colombia. [Connelly*D-MA]
1010  BRAZIL  R. CBN, ZYH625, Fortaleza, OCT 16 2312 - reverberated PP 
       talk; mixed with SS station (YV ?) and phase-nulled WINS. 
1020  VENEZUELA  R. Margarita, YVRS, La Asuncion, OCT 16 2351 - Mundial 
       Margarita ID, then tropical music with '40s / '50s style Latin 
       dance rhythms; excellent, totally killing KDKA. [Connelly*D-MA]
1030  MEXICO (t)  XEQR, Mexico City, OCT 16 1035 - probably this with SS 
       talk under WBZ, too late for much else. [Connelly*H-MA]  
1050.3  unID  OCT 20 0110 - rapid-fire SS talk by man; hacked up by 
       WEVD/CHUM.  Can anyone in Florida or elsewhere nail down an ID on 
       this ? [Connelly*R-MA]
1080  VENEZUELA  R. Barcelona, YVQJ, Barcelona, OCT 16 2254 - SS local 
       sports coverage; at least 20 dB stronger than WTIC! 
     + OCT 20 0111 - SS talk and Barcelona mentions; somewhat under 
       WTIC. [Connelly*R-MA]
1090  VENEZUELA  Union R., YVSZ, Caracas, OCT 16 2259 - SS sportstalk, 
       Union Radio ID, Venezuela  mentions; dominant. [Connelly*D-MA]
1100  BRAZIL  ZYK694, Sao Paulo, OCT 16 2250 - reverberated PP talk 
       (seemed sports-related); atop Antigua, others. [Connelly*D-MA]
1100.8  unID  OCT 16 2248 - SS vocal on this off-channel station; ID 
       material not noted. [Connelly*D-MA]
1110  VENEZUELA  R. Carupano, YVQT, Carupano, OCT 16 2246 - SS talk 
       about activities in Puerto la Cruz; atop second SS station. 
1130  VENEZUELA (t)  R. Ideal, YVRL, Macuto, OCT 20 0144 - SS talk with 
       apparent Ideal (ee-day-ahl) mentions; slightly over other Latin 
       Americans in a difficult-to-maintain phase null on WBBR. 
1160  BERMUDA  VSB3, Hamilton, OCT 16 2241 - // BBC-5975 with old-
       fashioned radio drama; excellent, alone on channel. 
1170  COLOMBIA  CARACOL, HJNW, Cartagena, OCT 16 2353 - Bogota news 
       items in SS; over a pile-up of at least 3 others. [Connelly*D-MA]
1200  VENEZUELA  YVOZ, Caracas, OCT 16 2257 - "transmite de Caracas ... 
       Radiotiempo ... mil dos cientos AM"; excellent with local WKOX 
       phase-nulled down into the dirt. [Connelly*D-MA]
1210  VENEZUELA  R. Anzoategui, YVZT, Barcelona, OCT 16 2355 - Venezuela 
       mentions; mixed with WPHT and a weak low het of about 600 Hz. 
     + OCT 20 0121 - Anzoategui ID, then romantic vocal; slightly under 
       WPHT. [Connelly*R-MA]
1280  BERMUDA  VSB2, Hamilton, OCT 20 0140 - EE preacher mixing with 
       WADO's SS.  WFAU was in a poor third place with a Johnny Mathis 
       song. [Connelly*R-MA]
1370  unID  OCT 20 0138 - probably a coastal Venezuelan briefly atop 
       with SS sporting event. [Connelly*R-MA]
1375.02  ST. PIERRE ET MIQUELON  RFO, OCT 16 2358 - FF talk, jazz; 
       excellent. [Connelly*D-MA]
1470  VENEZUELA  R. Vibracion, YVSY, Carupano, OCT 23 2258 - most likely 
       this with SS talk and Venezuela mentions.  YVJW Valencia is also 
       possible, but much less commonly heard here. Domestic skip was 
       nearly non-existent at the time.  WLAM-ME took over later as 
       auroral effects diminished. [Connelly*B-MA]
1500  VENEZUELA  YVRZ, Cumana, OCT 16 2359 - frequent Caracas mentions; 
       good with WTOP phased. [Connelly*D-MA] 
     + OCT 20 0136 - reverberated R. Dos Mil ID; in WTOP null. 
1529.54  unID  OCT 16 0303 - het, bits of audio, but the identity 
       remains elusive.  I haven't seen it ID'ed elsewhere.  Uruguay-
       1529.6 was heard in Newfoundland, but this is probably something 
       else. [Connelly*H-MA]
1550  unID  OCT 23 2230 - most likely previously-logged HJCB 
       Barranquilla, Colombia with SS talk briefly dominant.  Conditions 
       were auroral in the immediate post-sunset period. [Connelly*B-MA]
1570  DOMINICAN REPUBLIC  HIAJ, Santo Domingo (t), OCT 20 0127 - almost 
       certainly R. Amanecer Internacional with religious music and SS 
       talk; most of the domestic activity was knocked out by the 
       cardioid array's null to the west. [Connelly*R-MA]
     + OCT 23 2302 - SS religion just under low-power groundwave semi-
       local WNSH during aurora. [Connelly*B-MA]
1580  unID  OCT 23 2250 - probably HJQZ Barranquilla (heard before); 
       fast SS talk eventually covered by Caribbean culture program from 
       WSRF-Florida. [Connelly*B-MA]
1610  ANGUILLA  Caribbean Beacon, The Valley, OCT 19 2322 - preacher 
       asked for donations and said he'd been on the air "for 25 years 
       with no hypocrisy and no subterfuge"; briefly atop TIS mess. 





Terry Palmersheim - Kirkland WA - kc7ldp@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

1650  KGIL  Torrance, CA  p/d ltr in 1 mo. for ms after several f/u's 
       since 1/98. V/s: Tom White, CE
1690  WMDM  Lexington Pk, MD   f/d ppc in 3 mos for ms. V/s: 'TC', Ops. 




Glenn Hauser - wghauser@xxxxxxxxxxx

   Once again this week I am substituting for Kim Elliott, on VOA 
Communications World. There will be one 9-minute media news report on 
the A-segment only, VOA News Now (not the half-hour version), UT 
Saturday October 23, with four airings. I list the best frequency as 
received here; there are many more, if you check http://www.trsc.com/cw

0136 9455
0536 6035
1136 9770
1736 17895

Hope you can listen. The script will be posted on the World of Radio 
website:  http://www.angelfire.com/ok/worldofradio


Mark Connelly - WA1ION@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

   For those who've requested schematics of the Superphaser-1 antenna 
phasing unit, go to the following URL: " 
http://www.qsl.net/wa1ion/sph1/sph1.htm ".  This brings up a page with a 
link to a downloadable ZIP file.  This file "superph1.zip" can then be 
uncompressed to provide GIF diagrams of the Superphaser-1 circuitry. 
Each drawing can be printed at the correct scaling to fit a standard 
sheet of paper if a photo program such as Adobe Photoshop or Microsoft 
Photo Editor is used.
   I'm not presently building any of this hardware for sale.  I always 
encourage hams, SWL's, and other Dxers to build their own units.  
Perhaps Kiwa or another manufacturer will make a good phasing unit 
available in the USA and Canada.  Europeans can buy products from 
Wellbrook (UK).  Modifying an MFJ-1026 (as noted on " 
http://www.nordicdx.com/antenna/special/mfj1026.html";) is another 
   Any serious DXer, especially medium wave types, shouldhave antenna 
phasing capability.


Glenn Hauser - wghauser@xxxxxxxxxxx


Days and times strictly UT - This version takes into account one-hour 
time shifts on WWCR and WBCQ with the end of DST:

Wed 1730 COM RFPI 21460-USB 15049
Wed 2200 WOR WBCQ 7415
Thu 0930 COM RFPI 15049
Thu 2130 WOR WWCR 15685
Fri 1900 COM RFPI 21460-USB 15049
Fri 1930 WOR RFPI 21460-USB 15049
Sat 0300 COM RFPI 15049 6975
Sat 0330 WOR RFPI 15049 6975
Sat 1100 COM RFPI 15049 6975
Sat 1130 WOR RFPI 15049 6975
Sat 1230 WOR WWCR 12160
Sat 1730 COM RFPI 21460-USB 15049
Sat 1800 WOR RFPI 21460-USB 15049
Sun 0130 COM RFPI 21460-USB 15049 6975
Sun 0200 WOR RFPI 21460-USB 15049 6975
Sun 0330 WOR WWCR 5070
Sun 0730 WOR WWCR 5070
Sun 0930 COM RFPI 15049 6975
Sun 1000 WOR RFPI 15049 6975
Sun 2300 WOR RFPI 21460-USB 15049
Mon 0131 WOR WWCR 3215
Mon 0601 WOR WWCR 3210
Mon 0700 WOR RFPI 15049 6975
Tue 1330 WOR WWCR 15685
Tue 1900 WOR RFPI 21460-USB 15049
Tue 2000 COM RFPI 21460-USB 15049
Wed 0300 WOR RFPI 21460-USB 15049 6975
Wed 0400 COM RFPI 15049 6975
Wed 1100 WOR RFPI 15049

For further updates and full information on all or broadcasts see



   Geomagnetic Summary October 21 1999 through October 28 1999
    phil bytheway - Seattle WA - philip_bytheway@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
     Tabulated from WWV at ~0518 GMT nightly

 10/21   159    15    6    low         quiet-mas           -       
    22   160    54    2    low         quiet-sev           mas 1200
    23   165    19    3    low         quiet-active        mas end 0600
    24   159    21    3    low         unsettled-mis       -
    25   179    17    1    moderate    quiet-active        -
    26   189    11    2    moderate    quiet-unsettled     -
    27   197    15    2    moderate    quiet-active        -
 10/28   184    18    2    low         quiet-mis           -

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   DXM-printed DX MONITOR (21x/year), SDXM-"soft" DX MONITOR (35x/year)
WORLD - SDXM $10.00
  USA - DXM $20.00,  DXM/SDXM $25.00
  Canada - DXM $22.00,  DXM/SDXM $27.00
  Overseas surface - DXM $23.50,  DXM/SDXM $28.50
  Airmail (Central America, Caribbean) - DXM $35.00,  DXM/SDXM $40.00
  Airmail (Europe, North Africa, Middle East) - $38.00,  
    DXM/SDXM - $43.00
  Airmail (rest of the World) - $41.00,  DXM/SDXM $46.00

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to the NRC Log coordinator (Wayne Heinen) @ nrclog@xxxxxxx
END of 10/28/99 IRCA's "AM DX NewsFlash"
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