FW: [HCDX]: Big line-up of UNID's
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FW: [HCDX]: Big line-up of UNID's

Hello Friends !

Pentti Lintujarvi  Wrote:

>2: 9704.20 kHz, 17th Oct at 0300 UTC; Sign on after interval signals.
Three chimes and then ID: 'Huni Radio Jostya'.  Probably African. Words
'Salem Aleikum' and 'Afrika' heard. Might be Ethiopia, but the ID is
nothing like what described in WRTH '99.

[Freq 9704]

Heard many times as well as this morning 
 02.59 Signature tune at 0300 ID as Hun Radio Ethiopia Thi, then again Radio
........... Addis Ababa meter band (details of Freq) Chimes 3 Times and then
something sounded
like that "edemagesa kartikounderma" .

however if you want to be sure please check it out at CUMBRE Web Page:
http://www.ralabs.com/cumbre/dxau.html  or mine: 
http://homepages.go.com/~vaghjee/africa.htm . A sound file of R.Ethiopia
with Signature Tune
and ID has been posted there and if you are visiting Cumbre web page The
sound file of R.Khara
is next after R.Ethiopia.

all the best

from Mauritius

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